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Camouflage in Planetside 2 is largely considered a cosmetic only item. However I have PROVEN this to be an inaccurate conclusion that largely comes from players using camouflage incorrectly. (Kill streak videos will be added in future)
Disclaimer : If you do not use camouflage intelligently, against backgrounds that ACTUALLY support your chosen pattern, don’t expect miracles. However once you do learn how to position yourself, and mitigate risks you will come to understand the advantages are significant.
This guide is NOT designed for a player who wishes to just run one type of camouflage per continent and expect to remain hidden or have a noticeably lower profile while they zig zag wildly around the battlefield. NO camouflage will help you with that.
Human eyes are designed to detect movement. Play-styles I would recommend learning camouflage are ones that find themselves using particular objects in the environment routinely.
Taking cover behind rocks, trees, or hiding in bushes. If you are an infiltrator who likes to snipe against a certain type of rock face, this guide is for you. If your a light assault or Stalker Infil who spends significant time in trees, this guide is for you.
A player of any class CAN use this guide, but how much usage you will ultimately get out of the knowledge and future practice will depend on how often your play-style involves interacting with terrain or cover that supports a convincing camo pattern…

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