Pictures above will show how you can customize the appearance of your character. On the “My Character” tab of the main menu, you can select a title and a banner, and a different voice pack.

  • Titles are displayed before your character name, and they’re mostly tied to Battle Rank progression.
  • Banners are visible on the Death Screen whenever you kill someone.
  • Voice Packs change your voice and can only be purchased with Daybreak Cash. Different factions use different voice packs.

It’s worth noting that cosmetic armor is completely transparent to bullets, and does not directly affect your character’s survivability in any way. 

Where to get more cosmetics

You can find a lot of cosmetics in the in-game store, though pretty much all of them will cost you some Daybreak Cash. Keep in mind that certain cosmetics unlock for your character of all factions at once, while others only for one certain faction. Check the items’ description to be sure.

There are many directives that award you with cosmetics:

  • Fully completing the class directives will award you with auraxium-coated composite armor for that class. 
  • Completing the Basic Training Directives will grant you a Camo and a helmet for Light Assault.
  • Completing the Social Directives will require you to purchase an Outfit Armor Decal with certs, and grant you an Outfit Vehicle Decal.
  • Check your Directives tab to discover more.

You will get more decals whenever you reach a new Battle Rank.

You can get several decals by redeeming these codes in the in-game store:


Decals are often awarded for winning a Meltdown Alert.

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