Hotfix – December 13th, 2017

  • Canis’ Unstable Ammunition projectile size nerfs, headshot damage multiplier reduced from 2x to 1.2x.
  • ESF, Liberator, Galaxy – Vehicle Stealth cert line will no longer completely counteract Engagement Radar, instead it will reduce detection range by 100 / 200 / 300 / 400m.
    • Valkyrie – 150 / 250 / 350 / 450m.
  • Liberator and Galaxy – reduced the on-fire vertical thrust penalty so that these vehicles have a better shot at landing the vehicle while on fire.
  • Continued balancing to some of the vehicle weapons.
  • Phylactery Implant added to implant drop table.

Auraxmas Game Update – December 7th, 2017

Hotfix – Novemeber 22nd, 2017

  • Quick Deploy should no longer disable due to overpop unless there are more than 12 allies in the region.
  • ANT Reinforced Armor now properly states its health bonus.
  • Safeguard’s old melee damage resistance has been removed.

5th Anniversary Update – November 20th, 2017

  • Promocode for decal: 5YearsPS2
  • You can now deploy into VR Training without using Warpgate Terminal.
  • Quick Deploy (from the death screen) will now disable if there is more than 60% allied population in the region.
  • Capture Points that cannot be captured are shown on the HUD and minimap with padlocks over them.
  • Region population is now displayed on an expanded minimap.
  • You can click on usernames in the most recent line of chat TOOK ONLY FIVE YEARS SHEESH.
  • It’s no longer possible to deploy a Sunderer inside a no-deploy are of an allied base.
  • You can deploy on a squad beacon from any range.
  • Three new implants: Assassin, Overdrive, Logistics Specialist.
  • Liberator:
    • Dalton damage from 1000 to 1500.
    • Zephyr damage and handling buffs.
    • Duster CoF and CoF Bloom buffs.
    • Tankbuster damage from 175 to 250.
  • ESF Resistance 23 (Air to Ground Warhead) from -140 to -75
  • ESF Resist type 28 (AP Chaingun) from 75 to 65
  • Gatekeeper Max CoF buffs.
  • Mjolnir direct damage from 80 to 100.
  • Spear Phalanx Turret: Direct damage from 500 to 600, Inner blast damage from 250 to 300.
  • AV MANA Turret (Engineer) changed Damage Resist Type from 23 (Air to Ground Warhead) to 34 (Infantry Rocket Launcher).
  • It’s now possible to spawn in a vehicle with Squad Spawning as long as there a squad member in any seat.
  • Assimilate’s Tier 5 benefit should be fixed. Again.

Halloween Update – October 19th, 2017

  • Reduced thresholds required to activate faction balance queues on a continent (?).
  • ESF Synergy (Engineer) renamed “Aircraft Synergy”. Now stacks with NAR and has two additional ranks, which will make the auto repair affect Libs and Gals.
  • Nanoweave Armor and Kinetic Armor Rank 4 and Rank 5 now also reduce damage by resist type 22 (Walker). Ordnance Armor description fixes.
  • Spiker’s alternate fire now deals light damage to heavily armored targets.
  • NS-45 Pilot and NSX Yumi accuracy buffs.
  • Sunderer Health from 4000 to 5000
  • MBT and Lightning left and right armor from 0 to -15
  • A slew of resistance changes. Flak accuracy nerfs, damage buffs. Rocket Pod direct damage nerfs.

Hotfix – October 5th, 2017

  • Meltdown alert duration from 30 minutes to 45 minutes.
  • New continents will now unlock when global population reaches 800 players, up from 600 players.
  • All flak-based explosives are being standardized to 5 meter inner blast radius, and 8 meter outer blast radius.

Combined Arms Initiative and Critical Mass Update – September 29th, 2017

  • Free promotional code for all PS2 players: PS2WelcomeBack. It grants a platinum NSX Tanto and a platinum NS helmet. Redeem it now!
  • Continent Locking is now achieved via the new Critical Mass alert system.
    • A faction that has refined enough Cortium with HIVEs and captures 41% of territory, will trigger a Critical Mass alert.
    • If that faction controls at least 36% territory by the time the Alert ends, it will lock the continent. Alert lasts 30 minutes. 
    • Players receive rewards for participating in the alert. Rewards scale with how long the player has participated. 
    • If a faction that triggered the alert wins, its players receive up to 300 ISO-4 and a loot box, that contains a random boosts or cosmetic item, including unique cosmetics that cannot be purchased through marketplace.
    • If a faction that didn’t trigger the alert wins, its players receive up to 100 ISO-4.
    • If a faction loses, its players receive up to 50 ISO-4.
  • Continents now have more strict population balancing mechanics. The population of the most populated faction now must be within 6% of the least populated faction. Not mentioned in the patchnotes, but mentioned in the livestream.
  • Significant balancing changes to vast majority of vehicle and anti vehicle weapons. Not listing most of the changes here to save space. Read patchnotes.
  • Tanks now have the same armor for top, sides and front, and take precisely double damage from bottom and rear. 
  • Nanoweave Armor now provides same 20% damage resistance at all ranks. Higher ranks add more damage types for Nanoweave to resist.
  • Similar changes to Flak Armor, Kinetic Armor and MAX FLAK Armor, which has been renamed to Ordnance Armor.
  • New semi auto sniper rifle: NSX Daimyo. It has weak body shots, but it’s still capable of one hit kill on a headshot.
  • New Light Assault ability: Ambusher Jump Jets. On a short cooldown, it gives a strong burst of upwards and forward acceleration.
  • New Engineer grenade: Nano-Repair Grenade. When thrown, it will repair 50 health per second to all repairable targets in an area for 12 seconds. Sticks to vehicles and generators. Only one grenade can be active at the same time.
  • Resistance and Armor interactions have been streamlined and simplified. Now you should be able to directly compare damage of different weapons on the loadout screen.
  • Liberator now has 50% bottom armor, like Valkyrie. All liberator noseguns can now freelook while aiming down sights.
  • A vehicle can now be repaired from only one rumble seat at a time. Valkyrie’s repair rate from rumble seat has been doubled.
  • Throwing and triggering C4 is now more smooth and responsive. Damage reduced to 1250 @ 2.5m 10 @ 5m (source).
  • Archer now deals a small amount of splash damage if the projectile has traveled more than 25m.
  • ES AI secondary weapons – Marauder, Canister and PPA – can now damage armored vehicles. Now Kobalt is the only secondary weapon incapable of damaging armored targets.
  • Vanguard Shield Renamed to Forward Vanguard Shield. Instead of adding an additional health pool upon activation, the shield will now decrease the damage from top and front by 67%, and from the sides by 34% for a short time.
  • The ANT’s C-Barrier ability, instead of eating Cortium each time it receives damage, will now provide a 20% damage resistance while the ability is active.
  • Composite Armor now provides 10% to 30% bonus health, depending on vehicle.
  • Tank Side / Front / Top armors have been removed and refunded. Now they are joined together in Flanker Armor, which reduces damage from C4. MBTs with Flanker Armor will not be destroyed by two C4 bricks. Lightnings will be destroyed, but only if both bricks are close enough.
  • Light Assault’s Flight Suit now has a stronger effect, but costs more.
  • Players now receive experience for damaging ground vehicles.
  • Safe Fall rank 5’s collision damage resistance increased from 20% to 50%.
  • VS Proximity Mine velocity from 10 to 5 (now in line with NC’s Bouncing Betty.)
  • Tank cannon tracers are now more visible and faction colored.
  • Increased visibility of smoke screen particles on lower settings.
  • Resist Shield damage reduction changed to 35% from 40% (not mentioned in the patch notes).

Game Update – July 26th, 2017

  • It’s now possible to lock 3 continents at the same time, depending on server population.
  • Second continent opens when there is more than 600 players online.
  • Many changes to Indar’s lattice and bases to address common pain points.
  • New sidearm: NS-45 Pilot.
  • New line of “Mayhem” Directives: score kills with Ravenous and Heatwave cosmetic variants of common weapons to unlock NS-45 Brass, a cosmetic version of NS-45 Pilot.
  • Changes to recharge mechanics of personal shields:
    • Shield Recharge Delay reduced from 10 to 6 seconds.
    • For Engineers, reduced from 8 to 4 seconds.
    • It takes 6 seconds to regenerate full shields, up from 4 seconds.
    • Advanced Shield Capacitor reworked. Now it reduces the time it takes to regenerate shields by 2 to 3 seconds, depending on rank.
    • Previous time to full shields: 14 seconds (10 seconds with ASC).
    • New time to full shields: 12 seconds (9 seconds with ASC). 
  • Infravision Implant should be more usable now.
  • Assimilate 5 Implant benefit fixed.
  • Light Assault Jet Pack exhaust flames now change positions depending on cosmetic armor.
  • C4 should now better follow vehicles when attached to them.

Hotfix – July 12th, 2017

  • Some implants’ fixes and buffs.
  • Vehicle IR Smoke renamed to Smoke Screen. Now it spreads its effects on allied vehicles within 30m, and also temporarily removes vehicle’s autospot minimap signature.

Hotfix – June 30th, 2017

  • NSX Tengu received fixes to hip fire and Hybrid Laser attachment.
  • Hunter QCX Crossbow now has access to Smoke Bolts.

Hotfix – June 14th, 2017

  • NSX Tengu buffs.
  • Nightmare Implant no longer procs from teamkills.

Game Update – June 8th, 2017

Game Update – May 11th, 2017

  • Players can now recycle ISO-4 into implants. 
  • Players now receive small implant bundles for completing early directives.

Game Update – April 20th, 2017

  • New Assault Rifle: NSX Yumi
  • Infiltrators can now resupply from Ammo Packs and Ammo Printer while cloaked
  • Hotfix 27th April, 2017: Yumi buffs

Orbital Strike Release – March 30th, 2017

  • It is now possible to call in Orbital Strikes via Construction System.
  • Implant System overhaul.
  • New Engineer deployable: Hardlight Barrier – a chest-high cover.
  • Construction System Bunkers now have an Infantry Terminal.
  • New animations for wielded knives.
  • TRAP-M1 2x burst buffs.
  • C4 can now be deconstructed by Engineer’s Repair Tool.

Game Update – Feb 2nd, 2017

  • New weapon: NSX Tanto carbine
  • Reduced Minimum Damage for most of ARs and LMGs
  • Some changes to most auraxium weapons
    • GODSAW now has a secondary mode which deals minor damage to vehicles
  • Adjustments to vehicle third person camera to increase visibility
  • Buffs to Valkyrie’s Pelter Rocket Pods and added them to Galaxy wing mounts
  • Added Hyena Rocket Pods to Galaxy’s top mount
  • Galaxy Bulldog damage nerfs
  • Fury splash damage nerfs
  • Adjusted Pitch Down Limits to “create small pockets of infantry vulnerability close to the vehicle”.
  • Engineer’s personal shields have reduced recharging delay of 8 seconds.

Game Update – January 12th, 2017

  • Infiltrators now have access to Battle Rifles.
  • Claymores now have an activation time of 320ms.
  • Shotgun revamp – less damage per shot, more range
  • Phaseshift rework
  • Heavy Weapons buffs
  • Anti-Vehicle MANA Turret max range reduced from 450m to 300m
  • Base Flak turrets max range reduced to 450m
  • Vehicle Thermal Optics Renamed into Threat Detection Optics
  • No longer highlights infantry
  • Now highlights projectiles and some NPCs
  • Ground-vehicle thermal range from 150 to 350
  • Aircraft thermal range from 350 to 500
  • Sunderer Deployment Shield maximum health from 2000 to 2500.
  • ESF Hornet Missiles damage nerfs

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