Anti-Personnel Mines can be used by Infiltrators and Engineers, and they’re mostly used to protect objectives and flanks from enemy infantry. Mines must be unlocked for each class separately. 

  • First rank costs 200 Certs and allows to carry and deploy 1 AP Mine.
  • Second rank costs 500 Certs and allows to carry and deploy a second AP Mine.
  • Engineers can also equip a Rank 2 of the Mine Carrier Suit Slot to carry an extra AP Mine.
  • Spawning with each AP Mine costs 75 Nanites.
  • All AP Mines automatically detonate after a delay when an enemy player enters the trigger zone.
  • AP Mines can also be detonated by bullets, explosives or enemy EMP grenades.
  • Mines can be silently spotted to warn your allies.

Maximum Indirect Damage: 1275
Indirect Damage Type 6 – “Common Explosion”. 

All mines are capable of killing a full health infantry player without Flak Armor 1, but not a shielded Heavy Assault. They deal reduced damage to MAX units.


Terran Republic Claymores have the smallest area of effect – they deal damage in 2m in 135 degree cone in front of them.

In return, Claymores don’t have to deal with damage degradation, always dealing maximum damage in the area of effect.

Claymores automatically detonate when an enemy player walks in 2m in 90 degree cone in front of them, with a 0.32 second detonation delay (source).

Knowing the detonation delay of 0.32 seconds and that sprinting player moves at 6.32m per second, we can calculate the distance a player can cover during the delay: 0.32 * 6.32 = ~2.02m, which means that a player can potentially spring right through the claymore without getting damaged, which is confirmed by in-game testing.

Due to small area of effect, Claymores are best used to protect narrow passages and doorways. Their main redeeming quality is that they can be deployed to protect a doorway without being directly visible.

Bouncing Betty

New Conglomerate Bouncing Betties deal damage in a large area of effect, damage reduces as distance to the mine grows. Damage zone is noticeably larger than detonation zone. 

Bouncing Betties are more likely to wound than to kill, so they are great at finishing off fleeing enemies and when thrown in large groups of people (pizza delivery). In that case, they can be combined with an EMP grenade for a truly devastating effect

Proximity Mine

Vanu Sovereignty Proximity Mines are mostly identical to Bouncing Betties. The only known difference is that Proximity Mines emit a sound effect prior to detonation, making it a bit easier to dodge.

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