MAX is an armored suit with dual weapons, usually specialized against infantry, vehicles or aircraft, but some of the AV weapons are quite effective against infantry as well. It costs 450 Nanites to equip a MAX, but you can change loadouts and resupply free of charge.

MAXes can’t drive vehicles, capture points, overload generators, and can only be transported in a Galaxy, Sunderer, or a Harasser’s rumble seat.

MAX Basics

Default loadouts lack specialization. MAX weapons are balanced around always being used as a pair. By default, you have access to anti-infantry weapon for one arm, and anti-air or anti-vehicle weapon for another arm. These loadouts end up being effective at nothing.

You would have to purchase at least one additional weapon for 650 to 1000 certs to make your MAX good for something.

MAXes are weak on their own, and usually require support in order to be effective:

  • MAXes can’t pilot vehicles and will require transportation to move between bases.
  • Without expensive upgrades, MAXes require constant attention from an Engineer to keep them healthy. 

Try them out

All that said, MAXes are a part of the game, and starting loadouts are good enough to give you a general idea of what they are about. Certainly worth trying out for the sake of unique experiences.

The the default AI + AV loadout is more or less usable against infantry. Feel free to pull a MAX in any battle of at least 24-48 on each side and follow these recommendations:

Stick with your team. 

MAXes can survive roughly 10 times more damage than other infantry, but they are big and slow targets, so they soak damage more easily as well. If you drop below half health, hide into cover and press V + 3 to scream for an Engineer to come repair you. 

Be wary of enemy Heavy Assaults, as they can easily kill you with their Rocket Launchers.

Remember that your weapons are only effective at close range.

When attacking, lead the push onto enemy positions.

When defending, hold enemy forces at bay and push them out of your base.

Watch a video of uncut gameplay.


This video makes for a good demonstration of just how tanky MAXes are compared to standard infantry. And that’s while using Auto-Repair!

MAXes have 2000 base health, but no shields.

  • Dead MAXes can be revived by medics, though it takes longer than usual.
  • MAX’s health has to be repaired by an Engineer, or an the Nanite Auto Repair suit slot.
  • Interestingly, Medic’s Triage also works on MAXes.

Built-in Resistances and Vulnerabilities

MAXes have a plethora of built-in resistances and vulnerabilities to certain damage types.

[spoiler title=”Show list”]

Source: API Query

Resist % Damage Type ID Description
-85 9 Tank Mine
-65 11 C4
-25 5 Heavy AV
-25 40 Archer
50 6 Standard Explosion
60 3 Explosive Bolts
67 28 AP Gatling
68 4 Heavy MG
70 8 ESF Nosecannon
75 22 Walker
80 2 Small Arms
90 1 Melee
100 12 Flak Explosion


  • Negative resistance means taking bonus damage.
  • MAXes have 20 000 Effective Health against knives and similar weapons. This means 20 hits with an activated Power Knife, or 10 headshots with it. Suffice it to say, trying to melee a MAX is never a good idea.
  • MAXes still take increased damage from small arms’ headshots.
  • You can use the Toolbox to get a list of weapons with a specific Damage Type.
  • One C4 brick is barely enough to kill a full health MAX within 2.5m.
  • MAXs’ built-in ressitance to Standard Explosions includes splash damage from vast majority of sources.

Kinetic Armor and Ordnance Armor will affect MAX’s resistance to specific Damage Types. It’s important to realize that in-game descriptions of defensive certifications already take the built-in resistances into account.

For example, MAXes have 80% built in resistance to small arms, so a shot that would deal 100 damage to infantry, would deal 20 damage to a stock MAX.

Kinetic Armor’s in-game description states that it increases resistance to small arms by 20%. You could think that would make a MAX immune to bullets, because 80% + 20% = 100%.

But that’s not how it works. Behind the scenes, Kinetic Armor increases MAX’s small arms resistances from 80% to 84%, so a shot that would deal 20 damage to a MAX, will deal 16 damage instead, or exactly 20% less – in line with in-game description. 


Kinetic Armor

This Suit Slot further reduces incoming bullet damage by 20%. Kinetic Armor is similar in function and recommendations to Nanoweave Armor, with a few key differences:

  • MAXes are big and slow targets, and are generally easier to hit.
  • They more frequently come under fire of anti vehicle weaponry, especially the Archer, which makes Rank 5 more attractive for MAXes.
  • Kinetic Armor is applied to headshots. 
  • Kinetic Armor is more expensive: free / 200 / 400 / 500 / 1000 Certs.

Ordnance Armor

This suit slot further reduces damage from explosions and direct hits from explosive weaponry. Similarly to Flak Armor, each new Rank of Ordnance Armor provides resistance to additional damage types.

However, Ordnance Armor has different unlock costs: free / 100 / 150 / 200 / 400.
And bonus resistances are distributed between ranks differently:

  1. 50% to Common Explosion (Type 6)
  2. 20% to Infantry Rockets (Type 34)
  3. 50% to Tank Mines and C4 (Types 9 and 11 respectively)
  4. 20% to Tank Shells (Type 7)
  5. 20% to A2G Warheads and Light AV (Types 23 and 5 respectively)

Nanite Auto Repair

This suit slot automatically repairs the MAX in 8 seconds after taking damage. It allows the MAX to be very self-sufficient, but this comes at a cost of not equipping other suit slots, which makes the MAX more vulnerable to bursts of damage. It’s also expensive to upgrade.

Repair rate: 0.5% / 0.75% / 1% / 1.25% / 1.5%
Cost: 150 / 200 / 400 / 500 / 1000


MAX units have two weapons, one for each arm. They can choose weapons independently, but usually use same weapons for both arms to specialize in one form of combat.

TR and VS MAX anti infantry weapons are effective up to 20-40m and function like machine guns. NC MAX AI weapons are shotguns, and decimate infantry in CQC, but ineffective at range and can’t sustain fire for long.

It’s not uncommon for MAXes to use anti-vehicle weapons against infantry, though naturally that will be less effective.

You can look up MAX weapons here:

Anti-Infantry Weapons

Heavy Cycler, Scattercannon and Quasar. One of these is available to the MAX by default. These weapons kill just fine, but they are rather bland, and arguably worse than any of the alternatives.

MutilatorGrinder and Cosmos. Overall very similar to previous group, but with a noticeably larger magazine.

Mercy, Mattock and Blueshift. These are weapons have increased effective range, but they deal less damage up close. However, they are more accurate, giving you the ability to compensate for reduced damage output by going for headshots. Effective range is a huge problem for MAXes, and extending it is very desirable. I’d say they’re probably the best pick due to versatility.

Onslaught, Hacksaw and Nebula. These are the best if you want to kill people as fast as possible.


By default, MAXes have access to Heavy Cycler, Scattercannon or Quasar for one arm. In order to be effective against infantry, you will have to purchase a second anti-infantry weapon.

A high-capacity variant makes a good choice, since it has similar performance to the default weapon, and it is cheaper at 650 Certs, while other alternatives cost 1000 Certs.


All MAXes have access to Emergency Repair, which restores 20% health over 12 seconds, on a 45-60 sec cooldown, depending on rank.

Alternatively, MAXes can use faction specific abilities:

TR MAX can Anchor himself to become immobile (read: C4, bullet and rocket magnet), but increase firepower greatly. Rarely used against infantry. Takes 2 seconds to deploy, and 1 second to undeploy. 

VS MAX can use Zealot Overcharge Engine to become faster and deal up to 10% more damage at close range, but at the cost of receiving 20% more damage.

ZOE can be toggled on and off, and lasts up to 16/18/20/22/25 seconds and fully recharges over 60 seconds. 

NC MAX can use Aegis Riot Shield to cover himself from the front.

  • Aegis drains energy while shield is taking damage, and rapidly restores energy when the shield isn’t active.
  • MAX can reload while the shield is active, but the shield has to be activated at least a few moments after the reload started.
  • Sticky Grenades, AV Grenades and Nano-Repair Grenades do not stick to the MAX when Aegis Shield is active, but they will not fall off if the shield is activated after they stuck.
  • The “lookhole” in the shield is not actually a weak spot, it doesn’t let bullets through.
  • Rockets that hit the shield do not deal splash damage to the MAX.
  • Generally, looking at the horizon level or lower is enough to protect the MAX from explosions in front of his feet. However, sometimes splash damage can still leak through the shield, especially if the MAX aims upwards.
  • It possible to just walk up to a MAX, clipping through this shield, and shoot him point blank.
  • A video showing some of the described mechanics.

Fighting a MAX

  • In a straight up one-on-one fight, it’s next to impossible to defeat a MAX. But MAXes can be gunned down by concentrated small arms fire, so be sure to stay near your allies when there are MAXes around.
  • If you happen to be a Heavy Assault, you can dance around some cover, while firing your rocket launcher at the MAX. It will take several hits to kill him, though.
  • You can try to lure the MAX on your C4 or Tank Mine, or try to approach him unseen and throw the explosive under his feet. 


  • MAX units have loud, faction-specific footsteps, so you may detect by noise they’re making, much like with infiltrators.
  • MAXes aren’t as fast as normal infantry, and take longer to accelerate to full speed when sprinting.
  • MAXes tend to have problems engaging distant enemies, because they don’t have zoom, nor long-range anti infantry weaponry, so if all else fails, just stay as far away from them as possible.
  • Take out their support – medics and engineers, then you and your allies can eventually whittle down the MAX. Hopefully.
  • Large hit box. It’s relatively easy to hit a MAX with a rocket, which will deal a significant amount of damage.

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