In addition to normal gameplay on live servers, PlanetSide 2 has some player-organized events with the assistance of PlanetSide 2 developers.

Some of these events feature arena-style infantry fights, others are dedicated to tank battles, as well as outfit vs outfit scrims, and the biggest events – Server Smashes.

ServerSmash is a series of large server versus server events. Teams from different PlanetSide 2 servers meet to do battle across a variety of locations. These events are designed to enable combined arms warfare, requiring a massive amount of coordination; wars that typically span an entire continent.

Usually, it’s around a 200 vs 200 fight, with two teams drafted from specific servers (sometimes, the same one server), which try to conquer as much territory as possible during two hours on a set continent. Communication is done via teamspeak.


If you want to participate in one of these events, use contacts above. Remember, these are unofficial, player organized events. Nobody owes you anything. So it’s on you to be where you need to be on time.

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