Frag Grenades are standard issue for all infantry classes of PlanetSide 2. They have a 3 second fuse timer and deal AOE explosive damage. When detonated close enough, they can kill an infantry player without Flak Armor.

  • It costs 50 Nanites to spawn with each Frag Grenade.
  • You carry only one Frag Grenade by default, but you can increase this up to four by using Grenade Bandoleer Suit Slot.

Frag Grenades have a grenade indicator that warns enemies.

Non-lethal grenades, like Smoke, EMP and Flash have no grenade indicator. Concussion Grenade is the only non-lethal grenade that has the grenade indicator.

Grenades have no interaction with the minimap whatsoever. Player who throws a grenade and the grenade itself do not appear on the minimap.

Grenades in PS2 are unusually bouncy. This can be both a good or bad thing – they can potentially get to more places, but getting them where you want can be hard.

Frag Grenades

Despite different looks, Frag Grenades of different factions function exactly the same.

Damage: 1275 @ 1m – 10 @ 6.5m.

This reads as: Frag Grenades do maximum damage of 1275 damage to all targets within 1m, and then that damage linearly downscales to its minimum of 10 at 6.5 meters. This means Frags are lethal to targets without flak armor within ~2.2m. 

Frag Grenades are useless in terms of actually hitting someone who is aware of you, as it’s easy to avoid them. Usually people will not be seriously injured or killed by a Frag, unless they:

  • Don’t see you, and hence don’t notice the grenade
  • Unskilled / inexperienced
  • Face several grenades at the same time.
  • Have nowhere to go – cornered or stuck. 

On the other hand, a lot of people get killed while throwing grenades, or because the grenade told the enemy that they are coming. Don’t try using Frags in 1 on 1 situations, because that usually gives your enemy an advantage, and you’ll miss anyway. 

Frags can be useful in

  • Clearing small rooms – enemies have to leave the room or they will take damage.
  • Blocking a path for a few seconds.
  • Forcing enemies to move and stress them. This especially sucks for a cloaked infiltrator who tries to stay unnoticed.
  • Killing Engineers using MANA turrets.
  • Destroying enemy deploaybles: 

If you throw a Frag directly upwards, it will detonate slightly above and in front of you. Can be useful when dealing with enemies on ledges, cliffs and balconies:

When combined with Grenade Bandoleer, multiple Frag Grenades are great in crowded fights. If you can get into a good throwing position, you can get a ton of very juicy kills: 


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