December 17, 2019 – Spark and Snow (PC Update).

  • SR-200 – New Sniper Rifle
    • NSO characters can now find the SR-200 bolt-action sniper rifle in the Depot for 1000 Certs or 699 DBC. A Fully Loaded bundle is also available for 899 DBC.
      The SR-200 embodies the long-distance stopping power of a traditional bolt-action, while retaining versatility through balanced reload speed and attachment variety.
  • Javelin – New Vehicle
    • NSO characters now have access to the Javelin light transport and reconnaissance unit.
      Maglev technology allows the Javelin to hover along the ground and easily traverse difficult terrain.
      An open rumble seat allows for one additional passenger, and while it is not innately equipped with weaponry, it has access to a variety of defensive and utility options.
  • Defector – New Infantry Class
    • NSO characters now have access to the Defector infantry class.  The Defector acts as a “MAX unit” with the same implied restrictions (long revive time, healed by repairs, cannot enter certain vehicles.)  While more agile than a typical MAX unit, it also has less resistance to damage.A grenade launcher primary weapon can dispatch infantry and vehicles alike, and makes use of heat technology that constantly nano-prints new explosives to throw.  It has access to two Utilities, the first turns the unit into a walking time-bomb, and the second creates a bubble shield that protects nearby allies.
  • A.S.P. Respec
    • You can now purchase an A.S.P. Respec Token in the Depot under the Boosts and Utilities category.
      Purchasing this token will refund any A.S.P. points you have already spent.
  • Cold Heart now also passively applies its 20% cooldown speed to heat-based tools, like the Engineer’s Repair Tool, at all times.

Oct. 16, 2019 – Nanite of the Living Dead 6 – Revenge of the Unsown .

  • Space Pumpkin Seeds

    • Seeds as a currency have been removed, and pumpkins will now give players rewards directly when they’re destroyed.
    • Players will always receive a reward from a pumpkin kill, either in the form of a Halloween themed cosmetic, or a bundle of certification points, and you will never receive the same cosmetic more than once.
    • New characters no longer have the Ichabod Crown unlocked by default, and will instead find it the first time they kill a pumpkin.
  • Seasonal Items:  In addition to pumpkins yielding rewards, we’ve also opened up many of the old Halloween cosmetics to be purchased via Daybreak Cash in the Depot.

    Players will find the following items available there.

    • NS Candy Cannon sidearm
    • The Slasher melee weapon
    • Flaming Skull Helmets
    • Facemasks
    • Facepaints
    • Tire Trails
  • New Weapons
    We’ve released new assault rifles for VS/NC/TR! Each of these weapons will be available in the Depot with accompanying Fully Loaded bundles.

    • VE-A1 Lacerta (Vanu Sovereignty – Assault Rifle) The Lacerta assault rifle syncs an accurate, three round burst to a moderate refire rate, and creates a melodic barrage of plasma, perfect for mid-range engagements.
    • MG-A1 Arbalest (Terran Republic – Assault Rifle) Designed as an alternative to the popular SABR-13 assault rifle, the Arbalest fires concentrated, 6-round bursts with low recoil and high takedown potential at mid-range.
    • MGR-A1 Vanquisher (New Conglomerate – Assault Rifle) The Vanquisher’s performance is defined by its excellent stopping power over distance, delivered through a low recoil, three-round burst.
  • Frag Grenade (All factions)

    • VS/NC/TR grenades now have unique explosion effects.
    • VS Frag Grenade renamed “Plasma Grenade”
    • Minimum blast damage from 10 to 50
  • Dev Note: Frag Grenades often sting, but rarely kill. These damage changes increase the consistency of the explosive a bit more. The new explosion visuals are intended to add a bit more faction identity to each grenade.
  • Sticky Grenade (All factions)

    • VS/NC/TR grenades now have unique explosion effects.
    • Minimum blast damage from 10 to 50
    • Blast outer area from 6.5m to 5m
  • Dev Note: Sticky Grenades already do 800 damage to stuck targets, in addition to the normal 1275 blast damage. We want to create more of a tradeoff with the standard Frag, and reducing the outer explosion area will require players to be a bit more accurate.
  • Dalton (Liberator Bellygun)

    • Direct damage from 1200 to 1500
    • Reload from 2.5sec. to 3.25sec.
    • Changed the first person trail particle effects to better represent projectile distance from the player.
    • Changed the explosion particle effect to better reflect the blast radius of the weapon.
  • Dev Note: Due to extensive community feedback regarding this weapon, we’ve made some significant changes to the Dalton. In 1v1 Liberator versus Liberator confrontations, shots to kill will be brought from a 5/6 shot burning/kill (or 6/7 shot burning/kill with all bottom armor shots) to a 3/4 shot burning/kill from all angles. Non-composite armor ESF will once again be one-shotted when struck. We’ve also lengthened the reload time of this weapon and increased the damage to emphasize its power, and reward skillful aim over spam.

August 28, 2019 – Dead or Alive (PC Update).

  • Connery <-> Soltech transfers allowed for a limited time.
  • Aerial Anomalies: This event has been restructured to encourage more active participation and offer more tactical depth.  In this new version of Aerial Anomalies, Data Buoys will appear in the center of the map, and Anomalies themselves will coat vehicles in a mysterious residue called Tempest.  Players must deliver Tempest to the nearby Data Buoys located into the center of the map.
    • Galaxies can carry up to 500 Tempest.
    • Liberator can carry up to 400 Tempest.
    • Valkyrie can carry up to 250 Tempest.
    • Empire Specific Fighters can carry up to 100 Tempest.
  • Automated Bounties:
    We’ve reinstated the bounty system in an automated form that will flag players who are getting strings of kills. We hope this encourages some new cat and mouse style dynamics mid-battle, and allows for more organic completion of the Bounty directive.

    • Bounties will now be automatically placed on characters who have an active 10 killstreak (kills without deaths) or greater. There is a long cooldown between how often this can occur.
    • Players will receive a 5-stack of bounties upon activation.
    • Stacked Bounties are now stripped one at a time when killed, instead of removing the entire stack when a player receives three deaths.
    • Kills on bountied targets now award a flat rate of experience, instead of basing it on the stack count.
  • Death Camera
    In this update, players will notice a slightly different behavior from the death camera. Instead of a top-down view of your body, the camera will first track and highlight your killer for a few seconds before refocusing on your corpse. We believe this new camera will help players achieve a better understanding of where attacks are coming from, and ease frustration caused by deaths that feel abrupt or unfair. We’ve heard your concerns regarding the impact this change will have on stealth oriented gameplay, and will keep those concerns in mind as we evaluate the feature in Live play.
  • MBT’s receive faction specific upgrade options including Recharge (Mag), Multi-directional Exhaust (Mag), Rampart Projector (Prowler), Nimitz Reactor (Vanguard)
  • Flash/Harasser
    Changed the model for the Stealth attachment visuals on these vehicles.
  • New Player Experience
    Players now receive 100 certs at each new Battle Rank through BR100, instead of the first 15.
  • Implants
    The Critical Chain implant buff no longer lasts indefinitely.
  • Visuals

    • Personal Shields have been given new visual FX.
    • Fixed issues related to the impact effects when shooting targets with a shield layer.

PC Game Update – July 25, 2019 (Midsummer Mentors)

  • Vast expansion of the Mentor system. 
  • Addition of the ‘New Player’ chat channel available to all <BR30s, where they can ask for advice from mentors
  • Ambusher updates are no longer cool-down based, but replenish fuel in the same way as other jump jets. All related suit and implants slots have been updated to reflect this change
  • The Assassin implant has been reworked to remove spots on the player after a long range kill (150m/125m/100m/50m) instead of a chance to remove them.
  • NS-44L Showdown has it’s ADS movement speed increased from 0.25x to 0.5x
  • Advanced Shield Capacitator has been changed once more to reduce shield cooldown delay by 1 second. This does not stack with Survivalist

PC Game Hotfix – June 26, 2019 (Independence Day)

  • NS-03 Thumper receives various updates:
    • Deals full damage on leg shots
    • Several attachments updated to add variety to the weapon:
      • Automatic Trigger: Increases RoF by 20% and minimum CoF by 40%
      • Launch Accelerator now reduces minimum CoF by 20%
      • Lightweight Materials now reduces the movement speed penalty of the weapon whilst aiming down the sights by 50%
    • Default Ammunition changes:
      • Direct Damage from 200 to 250
      • Indirect Maximum Damage from 300 to 350
      • Indirect Minimum damage from 50 to 100 
    • Incendiary Ammo changes:
      • Direct Damage from 200 to 250
      • Indirect Maximum Damage from 100 to 150
      • Indirect Minimum damage from 50 to 100 
      • Burning damage per second from 100 to 50
      • Burning damage duration from 3.5 seconds to 3 seconds
      • Burning effect now stacks
    • Disruptor Ammo changes
      • Direct Damage from 200 to 250
      • Indirect Maximum Damage from 100 to 150
      • Indirect Minimum damage from 50 to 100 
      • Energy Depletion from 10% to 20%
      • Shield Depletion from 50 to 125

PC Game Update – June 26, 2019 (Fight in the Shade)

  • Return of the Summer Event and directive line, which will last until the 31st August
  • Addition of the Maximum Pressure alert, during the period of which all MAX suits are free and the aim is to secure the largest number of kills in a MAX suit
  • Removal of the Gaining Ground and Refine and Refuel alerts
  • Introduction of the NS-03 Thumber, a Heavy Weapon grenade launcher available to all factions. Comes with two grenade types – Disruptor Ammunition which fires EMP grenades, and Incendiary Ammunition, which sets targets on fire for some damage over time
  • Refire time of the Dragoon lowered from 325ms to 300ms
  • Increase in the number of charged shots for the Charger per reload from 5 to 7
  • Mag and ammo capacity buffs for various NC MAX shotguns

PC Game Update – May 30, 2019 (Combat Intensifies)

  • All biolab outposts are now connected via lattice
  • Biolab outposts now have teleporters next to Biolab teleporters. Disabling them will prevent respawns directly into the Biolab
  • Restructuring of both ‘Join Combat’ and Spawning systems

PC Game Update – April 24, 2019 (A New Soldier)

  • Game has been updated from the DX9 rendering engine to the DX11 rendering engine. As a result, higher GPU usage should be expected over CPU usage.
  • New file compression and obfuscation technique used to prevent modification of game data
  • NS Operatives released. 
    • Only available to Members
    • Upon the end of your membership, the NSO character (s) will be locked out until you have Member status once more.
    • NS Operatives will join the faction with the lowest pop numbers upon logging in and switching continents.
    • NSO characters do not have access to any Faction-specific equipment, and as a result are also missing an MBT, a MAX suit and an ESF
    • NSO characters can join outfits for any faction on that server
    • NSO characters cannot access VR Training nor Koltyr for the time being.
    • New Event added – Refine and Refuel:
      • At the start of the event, two Refineries will spawn near the centre of the map and for the duration of the alert, two will always remain on the map.
      • Players are tasked with depositing Cortium in these Refineries
      • When full, Refineries will blast off into orbit with another deploying to take it’s place elsewhere on the map
      • The faction that refines the most Cortium will gain a 20% discount to Sunderers and ANTs.
    • Unstable alerts no longer use the alert system to stabilise – they will do so when continent player count reach certain conditions, and will be checked every 2 minutes.
    • Spawn system revamp – Overall overhaul to the spawn system to provide a detriment for players spawning in at heavy overpops and players hopping across the entire map in a single go.
    • General UI changes:
      • Login screen completely updated
      • Vehicle Loadouts can be picked from the map screen
      • Characters and other models in UI screens have updated lighting to more accurately represent how they look in-game
    • Weapon changes:
      • NSX Amaterasu: Damage buff to 350 damage to 450 for both melee and ranged fire-modes. Damage type change from Small Arms to Melee, preventing the ranged-mode from working on Construction modules etc. Sway also removed, and slight recoil added instead. Blade always fires and does not require the user to hold down the RMB
      • NSX Naginata: Vertical Recoil min and max both decreased by 0.2.
      • NSX Tengu: Hybrid Laser buffed from 20% to 33%, magazine buffed from 20 to 22 and ammunition capacity upped from 140 to 176
      • VE-C Horizon: Damage buffed from 50 to 56, with Capsulate Ammunition increasing from 75 to 84.
      • MG-C1 Kindred: Earns the correct Ribbon
    • Various new Cosmetics added
    • Various bugs added and fixed.

PC Hotfix- March 21th, 2019

  • Nightshade resist type from 40 (Anti-Material Rifle) to 4 (Heavy Machine Gun.)
  • Kill medals and directive contribution for new weapons now being received
  • Various other misc bugs fixed

PC Update (EverQuest 20th Anniversary) – March 20th, 2019

  • There is an Event taking place for the Anniversary of EverQuest. During this event period the event-specific directive features the Fatestealer knife, which later upgrades into the Nightshade dagger, which can damage heavy armour.
  • Release of the newest additions to the Carbine lineups for all three factions – Kindred, Charger and Horizon.
  • New Weapon for all ESFs: the M202 Wyrm
    • Secondary weapon that fires high power, low-velocity rounds at a low rate of fire. 
  • MBTs and Lightnings:
    • Tank Shell resistance (type 7) from 0 to -50
    • Rear armour from -100 to -50
  • Sunderers
    • Tank Shell resistance (type 7) from 0 to -20
    • While the deployment shield is active, the vehicle no longer receives additional damage to Tank Shell (resist type 7)
  • Harasser
    • Tank Shell resistance (type 7) from -50 to -20
    • Engineers in the rumble seat now repair 50% of their normal repair per second value, instead of 30%.
  • Aiming with the Tank Buster or Vektor for the Liberator will no longer allow you to swivel your turret
  • Tank Buster velocity from 300m/s to 400m/s
  • VLG (Valkyrie)
    • Direct damage from 500 to 575
    • Projectile lifespan from 5 sec. to 3 sec.
    • Max velocity from 125 to 150
    • Heavily modified handling characteristics to provide more controllability
  • Hellion (Valkyrie)
    • Magazine size from 50 to 60
    • Max damage from 167 to 200
  • Walker (Sunderer only)

    • Walker refire rate from 120ms to 100ms
  • Ranger (All Vehicles)

    • Ranger magazine size from 70 to 60
    • Ranger ammo capacity from 800 to 780
  • Liberator
    • Resistance to Walker (type 22) from 75 to 72.5
  • Flanker Armour
    • Flanker Armor now also provides resistance to Infantry Launchers (resist type 34) and A2G Warhead (resist type 23) damage.
    • Percentage at each rank from 5/10/15/20% to 10/15/18/20%.
  • Fire Suppression

    • Healing has been standardized for all ranks of this ability.
    • Non-ESF: Now heals 15% of vehicle’s maximum health over 5 seconds, starting from rank 1. (This now works with health pool increases granted through other effects.)
    • ESF only: Now heals 25% of vehicle’s maximum health over 5 seconds, starting from rank 1. (This now works with health pool increases granted through other effects.)
    • All non-Flash vehicles: Cooldown from 60/55/50/45 to 55/50/47/45 seconds.
    • Flash only: Cooldown from 60/55/50/45 to 30/25/22/20 seconds.
    • Valkyrie, ESF, and Flash only: Fixed a bug where these vehicles would not extinguish a burning state if you were not below 16.66% health when activating the ability.
    • ANT only: Fixed a bug where these vehicles would not extinguish a burning state if you were not below 13% health when activating the ability.
  • Gate Shield Diffusor
    • Activating Gate Shield Diffuser now prevents most types of collision damage.
    • Duration from 8/10/12/14 seconds to 15 seconds at all ranks.
    • Cooldown from 60 seconds at all ranks to 55/50/47/45 seconds.
  • Decoy Flares
    • Cooldown from 40/35/30/25 seconds to 35/30/27/25 seconds.
    • Duration from 5 seconds to 8 seconds.
  • Barrage
    • Particle FX redone.
    • Cooldown reduced by 10 seconds at all ranks.
  • Anti-Vehicle Grenade
    • Inner blast radius from 1m to 1.5m
    • Armor penetration bonus from 50% to 100%.
  • AV Mana Turret

    • Damage resistance type changed from Infantry Rocket Launchers (type 34) to Tank Shell (type 7)
    • Adjusted the explosion visuals to better match the blast radius of the weapon.
  • Hardlight Barrier
    • Tank cannon resistance (type 7) from 0 to -400
    • HMG resistance (type 4) from 68 to 0
    • C4 resistance (type 11) from 0 to -100
    • Tank Mine resistance (type 9) from 0 to -50
    • Infantry Rocket resistance (type 34) from 0 to -50
    • A2G Warhead resistance (type 23) from 0 to -400

Hotfix – January 30th, 2019

  • Right-Clicking on the Vehicle Quick-Spawn on the Redeploy Screen will remove your selection
  • No longer counts disconnected facilities toward completing or granting alert score

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