Utility items are consumables carried in the utility slot, like mines, grenades or med kits. You can carry only one type of utility at a time.

Each time you respawn, you have to pay a Nanite cost for consumables that you used in your previous life. If you don’t have Nanites, you will spawn without these consumables.

Med Kits and Restoration Kits
med kit restoration kit

One-time healing kits. You can carry several of those. Universal unlock.


A satchel charge. Devastating against vehicles and infantry, but can only be deployed at close range.

Anti-Personnel Mines
Bouncing Betty Claymore Proximity Mine

Anti-infantry mines. Trigger when you walk near them. Deal lethal damage if close enough.

Tank Mines
Tank Mine
Anti-vehicle mines. Huge damage and hard to spot. Also trigger on enemy MAXes.

Auxiliary Shield
auxiliary shield
Passively increases shields by 50. Available and equipped by default on all loadouts.

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