Hotfix – Nov 19th 2015

  • Added secondary boost slot.

Hotfix – Nov 12th 2015

  • Alerts now require at least 30 population on two factions in a zone to start.
  • Alerts can now start on multiple continents at once.
  • Increased Alert rate, Alerts should fire off 45-90 minutes after last alert ended.
  • Linking both warpgates simultaneously no long caps the continent, but instead grants 3 victory points (in addition to the 2 victory points you get for linking the individual warpgates).
  • Indar now only requires 8 victory points to lock.

Game Update – Oct 29th 2015

  • LMG changes – removed 75% ADS from Orion and SVA-88. Buffs to many LMGs across the board.
  • Victory Points – now it’s possible to conquer a continent by accumulating victory points, which are granted for objectives, outlayed at the top of the map.
  • Hossin ownership now doesn’t provide a cost decrease to MAXes, and instead provides repairs to vehicles at ammo towers and supply pads.
  • AMP station ownership now significantly increases the amount of time base turrets can fire for, and makes them repair automatically over time.
  • Biolab ownership now restores health faster. This effect overrides regeneration implants of lower tiers.
  • Bounty Hunter directive, awards NS-15M variant.
  • Certification screen is back.

Game Update 36 – Sep 4th 2015

  • New AV secondary weapons for MBTs and Harassers: M96 Mjolnir, MR11 Gatekeeper and Aphelion VEX-4.
  • NEW NS Lock-on Rocket Launcher: NS R3 Swarm – can lock to ground and air vehicles and has a 3 rocket magazine. Can switch between two fire modes to change rocket velocity and tracking. Fast rockets move quickly, but are not quick to change direction. This allows them to be outmaneuvered, but not outrun. Slow rockets have decreased velocity, but are better at following a target. That means they cannot be outmaneuvered, but rather must be outrun.
  • Changes to capture mechanics of large outposts; now it’s possible for the 3rd faction to come and steal the capture progress.
  • Cut off regions no longer contribute towards territorial control percentage required to capture the continent; this also applies to alert victories.
  • HEAT and HE tank cannons’ velocity has been increased to match the AP. Striker accuracy buffs.
  • Player-shield-not-regeneration-bug speculative fix.
  • Sensor shield 4 bug fix: now works within 20 meters of a motion sensor.

July Update – July 23rd 2015

  • You can now spawn on a spawn beacon within 1000m (was 600m), and from any range if majority of the squad members are near the beacon.
  • Valkyrie biffs: it now takes less damage from small arms, bottom armor increased to 50%, increased weapon thermal range from 50m to 200m.
  • Sunderer Cloak – added 5th certification level for Sunderer Stealth. When equipped and Sunderer is deployed, it generates a cloaking bubble that cloaks the Sunderer and all friendly infantry within the bubble.
  • Infiltrator Cloaking now has five stages, from least visible to most visible: crouching, crouch moving, standing, standing moving, sprinting.
  • Buffs to Striker’s projectile speed, acceleration and damage. Vehicle stealth no longer prevents rockets from seeking.
  • Burst Carbines and Assault Rifles changes: significantly reduced first shot recoil modifier, but increased recoil per shot and hip fire CoFs. Reduction in horizontal recoil in some cases.

June Update – June 17th 2015

  • PlanetSide 2 now require a 64 bit Windows.
  • New Weapon for Engineer: NS-AM7 Archer anti-materiel rifle.
  • Sunderer Blockade Armor now provides the same resistance from the rear as on other sides.
  • Infantry render distance changes: players who damage you and players using long-range loadouts are more likely to render for you even at long range, as far as 600m.
  • Tank Mines will now detonate on MAX units.
  • TR MAX Lockdown now takes 2 seconds to deploy and 1 second to undeploy.
  • Spawn Rule Changes:
    • You can spawn on a spawn beacon only within 600m of it.
    • If the squad’s vehicle is located within enemy territory or friendly contested (being capped) territory, you can spawn on it only when within 600m of it. If the vehicle is in friendly uncontested territory, you can spawn on it from any range.
    • Spawn on squad will now take you to the closest available spawn point in the region that has the most amount of squad members (this doesn’t include spawn beacons).
    • Instant Action rules have been simplified: it now spawns you at nearest available spawnpoint (this includes Sunderers and base spawns) at any fight where your faction’s population is within 20% of the enemy’s population.
  • Tank Mine LOD range increased by 25 meters to 70.
  • Updated TR reticule sizes to be smaller across the board.
  • Ejection bug fix.
  • Knife damage is now correctly resisted by Resist Shield.

May Update – May 19th 2015

  • Membership now isn’t tiered, and always provides auraxium-level benefits.
  • Added Intra-Facility Missions – small objectives within a base, like “overload that generator” or “capture this point”.
  • Enforcer and Canister variants now have a continous reload mechanic: ammo will be reloaded one round at a time and the weapon can be fired during the reload process.
  • New Galaxy Defensive Slot Items: Vehicle Ammo Dispenser and Nanite Proximity Repair System.
  • Players now receive 100 certs for each battle rank from 1 to 15 to help get their characters rolling.
  • Depot Pricing Changes: certs cost up, DBC cost down, except for NS weapons, where they are increased.
  • Vehicle Optics zoom variants can now be purchased independently.

Arpil Update – April 11th 2015

  • Added NS-44L Blackhand sniper revolver sidearm.
  • Flight controls revamped to work better with gamepads.
  • MAX wepapon model updates.
  • Smoke grenade buffs for low settings.

Wings of Icarus – February 25th 2015

  • Added Icarus Jets. Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light!
  • Drifter Jets will now provide a small amount of vertical lift when no directional keys are being pressed.
  • EMP now destroys ALL deployables, overheats MANA turrets, and drains ability energy of ALL classes.
  • Engi Ammo Packs can now be destroyed by weapons fire and EMP.
  • Nano Armor Cloak will no longer shimmer when shot.
  • MAX Ability Tuning: the Zealot Overdrive Engine, Aegis Shield and MAX lockdown are receiving some adjustments:
    • Sticky and anti-vehicle grenades will no longer stick to a MAX unit that has their Aegis shield active.
    • Time required to lockdown is being reduced from 2 seconds to 1 second.
    • ZOE damage at extreme close range is being increased while damage will decrease over range more rapidly and eventually become lower than normal.
      • For anti-personnel weapons, Zealot overdrive now increases the damage of the weapon to require ones less bullet to drop an infantry at 10 meters, but sometime after 15 to 20 meters, damage is reduced.
  • MAX AV: Fracture, Raven, Vortex tuning so they have similar effective range.
  • Reduced the range where Sunderers are auto detected on the mini-map when deployed. Instead of using the default 100 meters, they will appear at 15 meters. Having any rank of stealth equipped will remove it from the mini-map when deployed unless spotted.
  • Some tweaks to Butcher and GODSAW Auraxium LMGs.
  • VS Directive weapons which use heat mechanics are no longer able to be manually reloaded to reset heat. Heat capacities increased to give them 3-5 more shots from empty.

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