PlanetSide 2 Infiltrator Class Icon

Snipers, saboteurs and assassins. Can cloak to become almost invisible.

Light Assault
PlanetSide 2 Light Assault Class Icon
Close range skirmishers and flankers. Can fly on the Jet Pack.

Combat Medic
planetside 2 combat medic class
Second line soldier and support. Can heal and revive allies.

Provide defense and sustain with turrets, mines, repairs and ammo.

Heavy Assault
PlanetSide 2 Heavy Assault Class Icon
Front line combat class. Lots of firepower and longevity. Can use rocket launchers.

Huge armored suit with dual wielded weapons. Can specialize against any target.

Equipment Availability

  • All infantry classes use Frag Grenades by default, but have access to additional grenade types, unique for each class.
  • Med Kits and Restoration Kits are unlocked for all classes at the same time.
  • Weapons and their attachments are unlocked to all classes that can use them at the same time.
  • Suit Slots, C4 and other explosives need to be unlocked individually for each class.
  • Most of the Implants are shared between classes, but some implants can only be used only by certain classes. Some implants are restricted from MAXes.

Health and Shields

  • Every class except for Infiltrators has 500 shields and 500 health.
  • Infiltrators have 400 shields and 500 health by default, but they can increase shields to 500 by equipping Nano-Armor Cloaking ability.
  • Auxiliary Shield utility item is available to every class for free and equipped by default. It passively increases shields by 50.

Health doesn’t regenerate by itself, unless you have a Regeneration Implant or a captured Biolab on your current continent.

Shields regenerate automatically:

  • Shield regeneration starts in 6 seconds after you take damage. In 4 seconds for Engineers.
  • It takes another 6 seconds to fully regenerate shields. This time can be reduced by 2-3 seconds by Advanced Shield Capacitor suit slot.

MAX units have 2000 base health and a slew of built-in resistances and vulnerabilities to certain weapons. Importantly, MAXes take only 20% of damage from most bullet-type weapons, which means they have 10 000 effective health against bullets, meaning they take 2-3 magazines out of an average rifle to kill.

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