December update – Melee overhaul and Sptifires – December 18th 2014

  • Melee overhaul
    • Knives can now be wielded by holding “melee” button or via Gear Slot 8. Wielded knives have higher swing speed.
    • One new knife per faction. New knives can be “activated” when wielded by pressing “switch fire modes”. Activated knives emit sound effects and OHK on a body hit. They swing slower, especially when quick-knifed.
    • Knife hit detection has been adjusted to be more precise. Knives can now get head shots with 1.5x multiplier and will play impact effects on the surface they hit.
  • Spitfire Turrets – new engineer ability. Engineer can construct a Spitfire Auto-Turret that will automatically engage hostile infantry within 50 meters. Only one turret per engineer per resupply. Emits sound effects to warn about its presence, can be destroyed by small arms fire.
  • Customizable Profile Banners
    • Profile banners are now available to customize your Profile and Death Screen. Set your banner in My Profile Menu. Banners can be obtained from the Utilities section of the Depot or from completing Expert and Master level weapons directives.

  • New tiers for following implants (Tier 4 implants have an energy cost of 1.25 per tick): Hold Breath 4, Clear Vision 1,2 and 4, Emp Shield 1,2 and 4, Sensor Shield 2, Regeneration 4, Safe Landing 4, EOD Hud 4, Battle Hardened 2-4.

  • Balance changes: Banshee nerfs, Vulcan buffs, Spiker +2 magazine size, reflex sights for Commissioner and Underboss, Vanu default camo nerfs / changes to base interior color to easier make out Vanu infantry.
  • Ability to Ban Players From Squads/Platoons, Ability to Hide Certain HUD Elements (goodbye implant drop popup).

“September” QoL update – Halloween Event – October 2nd 2014

  • Halloween Event. Special directives, awards, etc.
  • Scopes have been updated. Now the red dot and other crosshair options are always at the center of the screen. Goodbye this issue.
  • Flash improvements:
    • The rumble seat on the Flash now faces forward and its passenger can rotate 360 degrees.
    • Flash handling has received an overhaul. It should now be much harder to flip and lose traction less often.
  • XP improvements
    • Capturing a control point will now grant 4 ticks of 100 xp each during the capture, plus a bonus 25 for controlling the point for a total of 425 xp for a full point capture.
    • Guarding a friendly control point at a contested facility will grant 50 xp every 20 seconds.
    • Kills while in capture range of the capture point will now award a bonus of 100 xp.
  • EMP, Flash, and Concussion grenades now award assist experience if the target is killed by another player while under the effect of your grenade. Ribbons for them are now based on these assists instead of kills.
  • Destroying a vehicle will now count as a kill for all weapon medals and most directives. Vehicle doesn’t have to be occupied.
  • Spawn kills are now worth 0 xp across the board and in later patches will be made to not provide kill credit towards directives and medals.
  • Cloaking Improvements – fixed multiple bugs, cloaked objects will now look the same across all graphics settings.
  • The T2 Striker (and variants) can now be dumbfired and is no longer able to lock-on to targets. While in flight, the rockets will automatically lock-on to hostile aircraft if they pass by within range.
  • T9 CARV’s horizontal recoil reduced to .21375 (down from .225).
  • Membership now always provides 50% bonus XP. The cert cap has been raised for members to 50,000.
  • Non-Members will no longer gain certs while offline.
  • The S-AMS certification for the Sunderer is now auto-granted, making it available to all players by default. Points spent on it before this change have been refunded.
  • Squad Deploy no longer spawns players on the squad beacon.
  • HUD Icon for Counter Intelligence Implant has been made more visible.
  • Stealth change: increased screen shake from nearby explosion. Unclear if intended.

Hotfix: bugs, hit detection, performance – Setpember 16th 2014

Valkyrie Update – August 29th 2014

  • New NS vehicle: Valkyrie
  • Squad/platoon leadership ribbons added
  • Adversarial alerts from previous patch reverted to old alert timer-based system
  • Some balancing changes to auraxium weapons: The Executive, The President, The Immortal, Eclipse VE3A and others.
  • All Auraxiam weapons now default to iron sights (6x scopes for sniper rifles) and have optics available for purchase.
  • Sunderer Deployment shield now has an attachment visual and associated particle effects.
  • Players will now be notified when the sunderer that they last spawned at has been damaged or destroyed.
  • Players are again invulnerable inside the Warp Gates.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Collision: When crouching next to any type of collision you cannot stand up till you move away from it
    • Blast damage will now hit VR zone targets.
    • C4 no longer sticks to infantry
    • Fixed an issue where Directive counts would reset.

Directives and Resource Revamp – August 5th 2014

  • Added Directives (PS2’s version of Achievement system). Refer to the official guide. As a part of Directives, auraxium weapons were added:
  • 1 new SMG per faction, 1 pistol per faction, 1 assault rifle per faction, etc. Full information here. These prestige weapons are similar to what we already have, but can only be acquired by completing directives. They have unique looks and unique, predetermined and unmodifiable attachment set.
  • Three new empire-specific pistols: T5 AMP, NC08 Mag Scatter, Spiker
  • Here are in-game stats for all (wieldable by LA) new weapons in this patch.
  • Resource revamp. Now instead of 3 resource types, you only have one – nanites. You can no longer stockpile items, and you pay resource cost when you deploy/resupply with your loadout.
  • Added a quick-deploy option. Now straight from the death screen you can spawn on your last spawn. If it’s not available, you’ll be spawned on closest spawn point.
  • Outfit Recruitment system improvements.
  • All Alerts have been replaced by Adversarial Alerts, which trigger when a faction controls 75% of the territory on a continent. If that faction manages to keep 75% by the end of the alert, or capture 85% territory, faction locks that continent. If the defenders manage to push back that faction to 65% territory, alert ends and defenders are considered victorious, but continent isn’t locked. Draw otherwise.
  • Couple of new ribbons.
  • Massive nerfs to tanks’ anti-infantry capabilities.
  • Nerf to rocket primary: now a rocket from dumbfire launcher can’t OHK with splash damage alone, and players with Flak Armor 5 can survive a direct hit by any rocket launcher.
  • Removed canopies on most spawn rooms, now it’s easier to fire on aircraft from inside the spawnroom.

Attachments for SC patch – July 1 2014

  • All infantry and MAX weapon attachments are now purchasable with Station Cash. Any attachment purchased with station cash will be unlocked account wide (for that particular weapon, I assume).
  • Advanced forward grip/laser sight attachments have been condensed down into a single attachment unlock that costs 200 certs. All certification points that have been spent on these attachments have been refunded.
  • Added 2x Optic to all appropriate weapons that were missing it.

Changelog is missing here!!

Hossin, continent locking and outfit imprevements patch – June 26 2014

  • New continent: Hossin
  • Continent Locking
  • Outfits Recruiting
  • Outfit Decals
  • Outfit Base Capture

Liberator nerf and Quality of Life patch – June 19 2014

  • Liberator armor and weapon nerfs.
  • Tank primary turrets are now stabilized. Their elevation will not move with chassis elevation changes, unless it hits the upper or lower constraint.
  • NS Baron shotgun reload speed increased, ADS Stand Move CoF reduced from 0.9 to 0.7, interrupting reload to fire is now faster.
  • Added an option to turn down bloom. PS2 has some horrible integrated AA, and now we can finally turn it off.
  • Engineers can now equip the ammunition package directly by pressing the ability key (default: F). Ammunition package is no longer equipped in the utility slot and is no longer an alternate fire mode on the ACE Tool. The thrown ammunition package is now a physics object and can be thrown anywhere.
  • The Medic tool now uses right click to revive and left click to heal.
  • Soldiers who place explosives will now get an assist xp award if they are detonated by someone else and the explosion kills an enemy. Assist XP from explosive kills = exact same xp as a full kill.
  • Sunderer owners now get 5xp per player who spawns on their deployed Sunderer. Increased from 2xp.
  • Flash kills are now worth 100xp. Increased from 25xp.
  • Added spotting voice callouts for spotting both deployed enemy Sunderers and enemy spawn beacons.
  • Adjusted lag compensation to improve overall responsiveness.
  • Increased collision size of placed Spawn Beacons so that they’re easier to shoot and hit with explosives.
  • Various bug fixes.

Bugfix and Quality of Life patch – June 6 2014

Implants, medic update and new shotgun – May 20 2014

  • Added implants
  • New shotgun: NS Baron G5
  • You will now hear a special hit sound when you hit a target with nanoweave with bullets, or a target with flak with explosives. Not mentioned in the official patchnotes.
  • Medic update:
  • Three new ARs
  • New ability that deploys a shield regeneration device
  • Access to Battle Rifles and Adrenaline Pump

Second 64 Bit Client Fail – April 16 2014

  • Second failure to implement 64 bit client
  • New carbines: AF-4A Bandit, HC1 Cougar, Zenith VX-5
  • LC2 Lynx revamped into a lower damage tier with higher RoF and better handling
  • Unintentionally falling short distances will no longer apply jump penalties or force a weapon out of iron sights.
  • Knife damage has been reduced from 625 to 500. The previous damage value was compensating for the old Nanoweave functionality where players could have up to 1250 health and is too high now that players cap out at 1000 health (not counting abilities).
  • TRAC-5 Burst now has 42 rounds in a magazine, so that the burst count matches up.
  • Lots of marginal changes to weapons

64 Bit Client Fail – April 2 2014

  • Failure to implement 64 bit client
  • Instant Action will now deploy in predetermined zones around bases on Indar and Esamir (Amerish was already done earlier).

Mission System (Phase 1) – March 27 2014

  • You will now always have an automatically generated mission to attack or defend this or that facility.
  • Lowered the respawn time after redeploy from 15 to 5 seconds.

Balance Pass – March 20 2014

  • High Velocity Ammo buffs. HVA’s effect on Minimum Damage Range and Projectile Velocity now depends on the weapon, but it’s approximately now has 80% stronger effect on carbines and 40% on other weapons.
  • Fixed a bug where velocity ammo sometimes did not increase projectile speed on carbines.
  • Suppressor buffs. Reduced penalty to the minimum damage range when a suppressor is equipped on all primary weapons except SMGs. Suppressor’s downsides are also less apparent now on NC LA8 Rebel and VS Cerberus.
  • Head hit box increased slightly so that it better matches the larger helmets.
  • Adjustments to arm hit boxes so that they’re less likely to block the head during certain animations.
  • The pool for assist XP is now equal to the kill value. Ex. a 500 point Magrider that you do 50% damage to will award 250 points.
  • Bugfix: Light Assault Jump Jets will once again continue to function after using the Phoenix Rocket Launcher.

Liberator Update – March 13 2014

  • New deathscreen with deathmap – you can now see the direction from which you were killed, and you can see the enemy if he was spotted when he killed you.
  • You get more XP for assists dependings on the amount of damage you’ve done to the target.
  • Can purchase scopes for SC (don’t do it).
  • New liberator weapons.

Infiltrator Update (Part 1) – Feb 27 2014

  • Player corpses now have a 30 second decay timer. If the dead player is not revived before this timer then their corpse will be removed from the world and that player is no longer reviveable.
  • Successful revives now have a player facing 10 second accept/decline timer. If this timer reaches zero then the revive is declined and that player’s corpse is removed from the world.
  • Added occasional, contextual, automatic voice callouts (“reloading”, “frag out”). Only allies can hear those.
  • Camo consolidation – you now purchase camo once, and then you can apply it separately to weapons, armor and vehicles.
  • New Infiltrator weapons: NC Railjack, VS Phaseshift, TR TRAP-M1, NS Vandal.

Amerish Revamp – Feb 21 2014

  • Hunter QCX damage model adjustments: from 650 @ 30m – 500 @ 50m to 650 @ 35m – 500 @ 60m.
  • Now it’s a consistent 2 shot kill against full nanoweave targets for up to 40 meters.
  • Explosive bolt damage adjustments: from X @ 20 – Y @ 40m to X @ 30 – Y @ 50m.
  • This makes explosive bolts a consistent 8 shots to kill against stock MAX units for up to 40 meters.
  • Amerish Revamp.

Infiltrator Update (Part 1) – Feb 13 2014

  • New sidearm: Hunter QCX Quad-Cam Crossbow.
  • New SMG: MKV Suppressed.
  • New toys for Infiltrator: Stalker Cloak, Motion Spotter, access to (useless) Adrenaline Pump.
  • Infiltrator’s EMG Grenades now destroy deployed C4, mines, Motion Spotters, Detect Darts and Spawn Beacons.
  • Cloaked Infiltrators are MUCH harder to see now.
  • Flashlight attachment is renamed into Darklight Flashlight (ugh) and will now illuminate cloaked enemy Infiltrators.

ESF Update Patch 3 – Feb 5 2014

ESF Update Patch 2 – Jan 30 2014

  • Players can now spawn in Galaxies and Sunderers that are occupied and owned by a squad member.
  • he Sunderer AMS no longer requires an item to be equipped in order to function. Once the certification is purchased, it is always available. This frees up the Utility slot on the Sunderer for other items.

ESF Update Patch 1 – Jan 2 2014

ESF Update – Jan 16 2014

  • Players can no longer ADS during jumping of jetting.

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