Each rank of this utility allows you to carry one kit. Unlike other Utility Items, Med Kits and Resto Kits are universal unlocks, so if you unlock them for one class, you’ll be able to use them on all non-MAX classes. 

restoration kit

Restoration Kit restores health 70 health each second for 12 seconds, costs 25 nanites.  This healing doesn’t stack with medics’ Nano Regen Device.

Resto Kit healing doesn’t stop if you get under fire, so if you know you will be shot, you may pre-use a resto kit before the fight to help you survive.

med kitMed Kit instantly restores 500 health, costs 50 nanites.

After using a Restoration or Med Kit, you will automatically equip your primary weapon. 

If you want to use more than one Kit in a row, you will have to manually equip it again, creating a minimum of ~1.2 second delay between uses. 

Both Resto Kit and Med Kit work nicely with Nanoweave, because with nanoweave every point of health means up to 25% more.

Regeneration Implant is a nice alternative to resto/med kits, because you often might want to carry C4 / Mines in the utility slot instead. Never know when you will have an opportunity to blow up an enemy tank or MAX or a pile of infantry. Using Regeneration implant instead of resto/med kits will provide you with a way to regenerate health without looking for a medic, and still carry C4. 

Med kits are especially helpful when you only start to develop your character, because they provide a cheap way of putting “something” in utility slot for all classes, and provide you with a way to sustain own health without the help of a medic.

Med Kits remain the best choice for competitive infantry combat.

Here’s Wrel’s review and comparison (outdated, but mostly relevant)

 Med kits are often abused by high-tier players to let them survive tough situations.

How to deal with Med Kit tanking


The real issue with medkits is how (bad) players get so tunnel vision and kill hungry, that they will chase after a medkit popping character, forgetting about positioning and ignoring their ammo pool in hopes of getting a kill.

If you play smart and pace yourself, the med kit popper ends up just burning a lot of resources and dead anyway.

When someone is medkit tanking, let them get to full health instead of continuing to full auto. That way they die much easier, as they won’t get that occasional overheal you get from popping a med kit while taking damage.

When the enemy starts bunny hopping and med kit popping, let them get to full health, and then just kill them during their weapon swap animation rather than running yourself dry. It’s all about pacing the fight. When an enemy starts the med kit dance, you have the upper hand, and the enemy is literally hoping and waiting for you to make a mistake, so he can turn it back around.

– Liberty

Also, if the med kit popping enemy is close, you have the option to just run up to him and quick knife him, which will kill him instantly, unless he’s a HA withovershields and / or under shield regeneration effects from medic’s Shield Regeneration Field.

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