PU2 (performance update, OMFG part 2) – Dec 17 2013

  • Huge balance improvements, as well as redefining some old features like: VS slugs now have bullet drop.
  • Laser sight / Advanced laser sights no longer increase jumping/jetting hip fire accuracy.
  • Mines are no longer highlighted by HS/NV scope.
  • Nanoweave now reduces incoming small arms and rapid fire vehicle weapons fire by a percentage instead of granting bonus health, and headshots are not affected by nanoweave in any way.
  • UBGL nerfs, now it’s less effective as a quick draw weapon.
  • Jaguar and Lynx nerfs in order to emphasize their 0.75x speed multiplier advantage; both guns are less accurate now.
  • C4 nerfs (again), Cerberus, Eridani SX-5, Rebel and ACX-11 buffed, as well as all burst-series and precision carbines.
  • All carbines received a slight nerf to damage at range: the minimum damage range has been reduced by 5m, for example:
    • Pre-PU2 TRAC 5: 143 @ 10m – 112 @ 65m
    • Post-PU2 TRAC 5: 143 @ 10m – 112 @ 60m
  • CQC carbines that had a stronger damage drop off, remain at previous values. GD-7F, for example, is not affected by this nerf and remains at 143 @ 10m – 100 @ 60m damage model.
  • A lot of changes to weapons, they are mentioned in weapons’ descriptions.

PU1 (performance update, OMFG part 1) – Nov 12 2013

  • Interface overhaul, performance improvements.


  • Fixed drifter jets that were broken in GU13. Added one more rank for Grenade Bandoleer and adjusted cert cost.
  • Reworked vehicle stealth, now this upgrade removes the vehicle from minimap only at final level, instead of the first one, so vehicles will be easier to detect now, because a lot of players would purchase vehicle stealth rank 1 and enjoy being invisible on minimap until explicitly spotted. Same effect can be achieved now, but with a LOT of certs.


  • New weapons: LA3 Desperado, TS2 Inquisitor, Cerberus and NS-7 PDW.
  • Mines and turrets can be spotted now. Massive AOE buff for anti-infantry mines. Other suit slots have been buffed to make nanoweave a less obvious choice. New sounds for VS weapons.


Apart from quality of life improvements, bug fixes and various UI tweaks there are no major changes.

Changelog is missing here!!

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