Halloween #5 – October 11th, 2018

  • During Aerial Anomalies event, a second anomaly will spawn shortly before the previous one despawns, creating a slight overlap.
  • Unstable Meltdown – a low population variant of normal Meltdown Alert, triggers when there are fewer than 150 players on the continent and one of the faction captures 41% of the territory. Lasts for 45 minutes and has less territory available.
  • Players can now leave or rejoin voice channels using /leavechannel or /joinchannel commands.
  • Comfort Grip now also reduces Unequip Time. Hip Fire CoF penalty reduced from 30% to 20%.
  • New Meltdown Alert loot reward weapon: NS-AM8 Shortbow
  • Platoon leaders once again have access to Leaders chat.
  • Flash Wraith Cloak nerds: now there is a 5 second delay before you can recloak. Total energy pool has been increased by 33%, but the cloak now has an activation cost of 25% of max energy pool.
  • New ES Flash Weapons: M4-F Pillager, LA7 Buzzard and V30-F Starfall.
  • Valkyrie: small arms resistance (type 2) from 75 to 90.

Hotfix – August 23rd, 2018

  • Mostly fixes for squads and implants.
  • ISO-4 Recycler DBC cost increased to 249.
  • Spawn Beacon now available to all squad members (?).

Fireteam Update – August 16th, 2018

  • Unstable Warpgates will remain unstable for 3 hours at most before stabilizing.
  • Stable Warpgates will take ~3 hours to charge for a Meltdown Alert.
  • Meltdown Alerts now increase experience gain by 25% for the duration of the alert.
  • Gaining Ground – new event where factions fight for Large Outposts across the continent.
  • Mentor Squads added. Many other QOL changes related to squads and platoons.
  • Added a Directive for Construction System.
  • Added a ton of new implants and changed a few old ones. Now it’s possible to craft specific implants with ISO-4. Exceptional duplicates now breakdown into 500 ISO-4. Recyclers no longer grant common implants.
  • Changed Tank Cannons and Flak Armor. Now some tank cannons can OHK through full Flak on a direct hit. HESH no longer OHKs with just splash damage, even without Flak.
  • HS/NV (IRNV) weapon optics no longer have sway.
  • Suppressor velocity penalty changed to -15% across the board. Suppressors no longer reduce max damage range. Hybrid Suppressors now have 20% velocity penalty.
  • SPA and HVA now change velocity by 10%.
  • T2 Striker max range reduced to 445m.
  • NSX Fujin now has default capacity of 2, and Bandoleer provides 2x more per rank.
  • Players can now set faction map territory colors independently from facility object colors in the Interface Settings.
  • Facility alerts should now always provide some reward, even in the case of a draw.
    Continent faction balance requirement from 6% to 10%.

4th of July Patch – June 28th, 2018

  • Added a new Summer Directive. Completing 3rd tier of this directive will award players with a new faction-specific weapon for the Flash: M4-F Pillager, LA7 Buzzard and V30-F Starfall. These weapons will become available to purchase through other means at a later date.
  • Routers and Elysium Spawn Tubes now award bonus experience to the owner for player spawns.
  • MAX now has new directive objective: Damage to Vehicles.

Hotfix – June 19th, 2018

  • Players of all factions now receive an audio notification when an Orbital Strike is inbound.
  • Healing from multiple Nanite Healing Grenades no longer stacks.
  • Restoration Kit now heals a flat 70 health per second over time.
  • Reviving while Carapace is equipped will not give you more than 500 health.
  • Not conveyed in the patch notes, but Carapace also doesn’t restore any health when resupplying. Possibly not intentional.

Construction Revamp and Events – June 12th, 2018

  • Continental Events added. They can randomly trigger once the Warpgates are stabilized. Events are basically Alerts that don’t result in a continent lock, but still provide personal rewards and – potentially – persistent faction-wide benefits.
    • Aerial Anomaly: a series of anomalies will spawn in the continent’s air space. Being near an anomaly in an aircraft earns points for your faction. Aircraft Nanite cost is removed for the duration of the event.
    • Facility Control: factions fight over control of the facilities of one type, such as Biolabs, Amp Stations and Tech Plants.
    • Events last for 30 minutes.
  • Meltdown Alert Changes. Once warpgates stabilize, they begin charging for a few hours. Once warpagates are charged, any faction can trigger a Meltdown Alert by capturing 41% of the territory. At the end of the Alert, whichever faction holds the most territory will win the alert and lock the continent. Meltdown lasts for 90 minutes.
  • Ikanam Lattice Changes: now players have to capture Ikanam Bio Lab in order to proceed through lattice.
  • Construction System Revamp:
    • HIVEs are removed.
    • Cortium costs are reduced by 50% to 70%.
    • Now all modules can be placed near each other, except for modules of the same type – they have a 25m exclusion radius.
    • Repair Module no longer makes walls invulnerable.
    • All structures without a powered Silo nearby will decay rapidly.
    • Silos now slowly drain Cortium even when not powering anything else.
    • You can no longer completely lock out other players from using your Silo, but you can set a reserve of 20 000 Cortium.
    • Walls and other “hard” construction objects take 30% friendly fire damage. “Soft” objects no longer take friendly fire.
    • ANT’s mining weapons can now be used to deal intense damage to enemy construction objects.
    • Structure Shield Module can now be interacted with to make nearby large structures invulnerable to damage for a short time.
    • Vehicle Gate Shield no longer requires a Structure Shield Module to function, but now it drains Cortium. Vehicle Gate Shield no longer allows small arms fire to pass through.
    • Skywall Shield Emitter now EMPs infantry instead of burning it. Vehicles passing through the shield take more damage.
    • New constructible objects:
      • Flail Artillery Battery. Functions similarly to Glaive IPC, and fires barrages of 4 anti vehicle shells on locations marked by a dart.
      • Routing Spire. Provides access to a Router deployable devices, which can be placed anywhere to provide a spawn location for all allied players who die or redeploy within 100m of it.
      • Pain Spire – deals mild damage over time to enemy infantry and MAX units within 15m.
      • Spires share an exclusion radius and are vulnerable to small arms fire.
    • Orbital Strike can now be called on targets inside no-build zones, including normal bases.
      • Players indoors will receive knockback and collision damage, but not direct damage from strike itself.
      • Maximum charge now achieved in 15 minutes instead of 60.
      • Orbital Strike cannot be fired if silo is drained.
      • Orbital Strike Upling produces a large explosion if destroyed.
    • Constructible Air Pads now resupply air vehicles. Both vehicle pads can be locked from use, and will adhere to Silo’s Cortium Reserve rules.
    • Vehicles pulled from constructible pads do not cost any nanites.
  • Squad Beacons now appear in leader’s loadout only when there are at least 2 squad members.
  • /squad promoteme command now works outside of Alpha Squad and has a keybind in settings.
  • Implant Screen received a UI rework.
  • Motion Blur can once again be properly enabled in Graphics Settings, if your Graphical Settings are High or Ultra.
  • Vehicles now have proper ability cooldown timers.
  • Restoration kits no longer stack with Medics’ Nano Regen Device.
  • C4 now has a 0.5 second delay between click and detonation.
  • Blackhand max damage range extended from 8m to 20m..
  • New Battle Rifles: MG-HBR1 Dragoon, MGR-M1 Bishop and VE-LR Obelisk.
  • Buffs to classic Battle Rifles and “long range” Semi Auto Sniper Rifles; both are made more spammable.
  • Carapace now properly works with Regeneration implant.
  • Prowler‘s Anchor Mode has been refunded and made baseline. Now it provides a 50% velocity bonus, and nothing else.
    • Barrage – new utility slot ability for Prowler, which temporarily increases Reload Speed by 30%.
  • Buffs to Gatekeeper, Aphelion, Vulcan, Enforcer. Mjolnir velocity nerfed from 250 to 200 m/s.
  • Vehicles now have a 30 second cooldown between pulls.
  • Total number of purchasable character slots has been increased from 4 to 6, so now you can have up to 12 characters in total (3 default + 3 unlocked if your purchase membership at least once).

ASP Game Update – April 5th, 2018

  • Added Advanced Specialization Program.
  • Many changes to sidearms, mostly buffs.
  • Laid down groundwork for “Events” – any event that’s not a Meltdown Alert.
  • Players now able to create a squad without inviting other players. Spawn Beacons are disabled for squads of 1.
  • Added Reserve Hardlight Barrier for Engineers.
  • Reduced Flak Damage to Liberator, Galaxy and Valkyrie. That includes damage from HA’s rocket launchers.
  • Liberator Bottom Armor reduced from 50% to 20%.

St. Patrick’s Game Update – March 12th, 2018

  • Unstable continents now have a 120 player stabilization threshold, up from 96.
  • In addition, instead of bordering the continent, there will lanes leading to its center. 
  • Paradise Camo has been added as a rare reward for alert wins with at least 90% participation on the continent of Hossin.
  • Promise and Maw recoil buffs.
  • Tank Mines will now only detonate on MAX units after their 4 second arming time.
  • Added interface filters for selecting a weapon, as well as options to automatically ignore outfit and squad invites, as well as whispers and friend requests. 
  • Removed prongs from constructible ramps.

Unstable Game Update – February 8th, 2018

  • Unstable Warpgates system added: newly opened continents will go into “unstable” mode for two hours or until population of 96 players is reached. While a continent is unstable, HIVEs cannot be placed, Meltdown Alert cannot be triggered, and many regions become disconnected from the lattice system and cannot be captured. You can still move through those regions, and base terminals can be hacked.
  • Koltyr repurposed into a VR continent open to all players. XP gain and friendly fire are disabled, and all equipment is available for free. Only Flash, Sunderer and Lightning are available. Each faction can have up to 33 people on Koltyr at the same time, but there can be two instances of Koltyr per server.
  • Add three vehicle-capturable bases to Indar and Esamir, and two to Amerish. There are no no-construction zones around these bases.
  • Multiple adjustments to lattice connections.
  • Three new LMGs: MG-H1 Watchman, MGR-L1 Promise and VE-H Maw.
  • ES SMG balancing:
    • Canis’ Unstable Ammunition no longer has a Hip Fire CoF penalty. Base RoF increased from 500 to 550.
    • Jackal: velocity increased from 350 to 400 m/s. BX Adapter no longer reduces ammo pool (still reduces magazine capacity), and it cannot be used with Hybrid Suppressor.
    • Gladius: magazine size from 28 to 26. Ammo pool from 168 to 182.
  • Galaxy:
    • New defensive slot: Lockon Jamming Field – passively protects nearby allied aircraft from lockon attempts (but not the Galaxy itself).
    • Nanite Proximity Repair: increased range from 50m to 75m.
    • Vehicle Ammo Dispenser range standardized for ground and air vehicles, up to 100m at max rank.
  • Liberator’s Afterburner moved into Passive Systems.
  • Reduced Harasser’s resistance to tank rounds.
  • Headshots will now display a headshot damage indicator.
  • MAX units may now flip vehicle capture points.
  • Implants on the death screen now show their proper rank.
  • Tank Mine responsiveness fix.

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