Advanced Specialization Program (ASP) is the prestige system in PlanetSide 2. It is intended to provide veteran players with additional perks and unlocks that provide small gameplay bonuses and allow players to expand their loadouts with more options, including cross-class equipment.

How to access ASP

Advanced Specialization Program

Any character with Battle Rank 100 or above can enroll into ASP using the “My Character” screen of the main menu. 

Non-members have to pay 10 000 (ten thousand) Certification Points to enroll, which is, incidentally, the maximum amount of certs a non-member character can have.

Enrollment is free of charge for premium members. You keep your ASP if cancel your membership afterwards.

Upon enrollment, your character’s Battle Rank will be reset to 1, but you will keep all your unlocks and certifications. You will also receive a new shoulder decal and title, and you will have a star icon near your Battle Rank number.

Your new maximum Battle Rank will be set at 100, which means your character will no longer be able to reach Battle Rank 120. If additional decals and titles are important to you, consider reaching BR120 before enrolling into ASP.

At Battle Ranks 1, 25, 50, 75 and 100 you will earn an ASP token, which you can spend on ASP unlocks.

ASP Unlocks

Each ASP unlock costs 1 ASP token.

Attention! For now there is no way to refund or reset spent ASP tokens. Be careful with your choices!

Universal Unlocks

These unlocks affect all classes. 

Sidearm Primaries – Allows use of sidearms in the primary weapon slot. Currently lacks any actual combat-effective application. Possibly does not provide access to Auraxium Sidearms.

Universal Smoke Grenade Access – Unlocks access to Smoke Grenades on all classes. Could be useful if smoke wasn’t so inconsistent. Try them on Light Assault before you spend an ASP point.

Universal Decoy Grenade Access – Unlocks access to Decoy Grenades on all classes. Could potentially be useful in 1 – 12 / 1 – 12 battles. Try them on infiltrator before you spend an ASP point.

Light Ground Discount – Reduces Flash cost by 50% and Harasser cost by 20%.

Ground Transport Discount – Reduces ANT and Sunderer cost by 20%.

Combat Armor Discount – Reduces Lightning and Main Battle Tank cost by 20%.

Light Air Discount – Reduces ESF and Valkyrie cost by 20%.

Heavy Air Discount – Reduces Liberator and Galaxy cost by 20%.

Class-specific Unlocks

  • These unlocks affect only one specific class.
  • You can click on each class’ name for more info.
  • Flash Grenade Access unlocks only class Flash Grenades, not the Quick-Det variant.
  • Perks that provide access to additional weapon types do not allow to use Auraxium weapons (directive reward weapons).


Sticky Grenade Access – Unlocks access to Sticky Grenades on the Infiltrator.

Flash Grenade Access – Unlocks access to Flash Grenades on the Infiltrator.

Light Assault

SMG Secondary – Allows use of SMGs in the secondary weapon slot.

Concussion Grenade Access – Unlocks access to Concussion Grenades on the Light Assault.

Combat Medic

Battle Rifle Secondary – Allows use of Battle Rifles in the secondary weapon slot.

Carbine Access – Unlocks access to Carbines on the Combat Medic.

Concussion Grenade Access – Unlocks access to Concussion Grenades on the Combat Medic.


Shotgun Secondary – Allows use of Shotguns in the secondary weapon slot.

LMG Access – Unlocks access to LMGs on the Engineer.

Assault Rifle Access – Unlocks access to Assault Rifles on the Engineer class.

Anti-Vehicle Grenade Access – Unlocks access to Anti-Vehicle Grenades on the Engineer.

EMP Grenade Access – Unlocks access to EMP Grenades on the Engineer.

Heavy Assault

Reserve Hardlight Barrier Access – Allows use of Reserve Hardlight Barriers in the Utility slot.

Flash Grenade Access – Unlocks access to Flash Grenades on the Heavy Assault.

Heavy Weapon Secondary – Allows use of Heavy Weapons in the secondary weapon slot.

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  • WindMaze says:

    Wouldn’t the Gunslinger Loadout work well with Sidearm Primaries? Since the user has 2 pistols, he/she can easily make the most out of Vampire 5 due to getting 325 health per kill (provided that he/she has good aim).

    Combine Vampire 5 and Sidearm Primaries (2 Commissioners in this case) with Assimilate 5 and the Heavy Assault’s Adrenaline Shield…you’re looking at a viable playstyle that might be combat effective.

    This may be niche and unorthodox at the same time, but it is interesting to give this a try.

    • Iridar says:

      I thought about something like that, but it quickly runs into versatility issues while being much less overall effective than the same HA with Adrenaline and Assimilate 5 and Med Kits.

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