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By June 14, 2018 June 29th, 2018 PlanetSide 2

I am aware of the big patch that recently came out, but unfortunately I won’t have to time to update my site for it until weekend. Please be patient. New guns are good.

– Iridar

EDIT: 18th June – I’ve spent most of the weekend reworking Beginner Guides. About 90% done with them, just gotta proofread, improve lacking aspects, and add more crosslinking. Also about half done updating the Construction System guide. The rest will have to wait until the next weekend, unfortunately – too busy with work this week.

EDIT: 24th June – Updated Construction System Guide this weekend, but that’s all I had time for due to how many testing needed to be performed. Should have more time during the week, though.

EDIT: 29th June – finally finished revamping Beginner Guides.

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