Blogs, journals and other written guides

Encyclopaedia Auraxia – articles about PS2 lore. – blog about team play, especially this post about squad and platoon leading
Auraxian Inquirer Archive – digital journal with news and community highlights (hasn’t been updated in a long time)
Down The Sights – Mustarde’s blog about Infiltrator class.
PS2 Flight School – a compilation of guides on piloting the ESFs – ESF blog
Way of the Shadow Blade – a guide to Stalker Infiltrator with activatable knife as a main weapon by SideWinder. 
Camouflage and Cryptic Behavior – CuteBeaver’s guide to camo.
Guide to suppressed BASR – good idea, but a bit too narrow. For full potential, requires adjustment to user’s Field of View.

Databases and Utility

Reddit Bot – this bot will link articles from this site upon request.

PlanetSide 2 Mouse Sensitivity Calculator by/u/rockNoob.

PlaneSide 2 Wiki – I only list this site here as a warning. Don’t use it ever! Contains a lot of wrong information! You have been warned.
Weapon Stats Spreadsheet – detailed weapon stats, datamined from the game client. Outdated.
Weapon Stats on FISU – seems to be up to date.
Weapon Attachments Exact Effect Spreadsheet – shows the exact effect of attachments like HVA and Forward Grip on different weapons.
Weapon Stats Comparison Sheet – you can use this Excel sheet to compare how two weapons will behave in comparison to each other at different ranges. You have to manually enter the stats for both weapons, you can take those stats from the game or the spreadsheet. – measures your click speed, needed for training of achieving optimal DPS with semi-auto weaponry
Daily Sale twitter page – check out what’s on sale today without logging into the game
Recursion Stat Tracker – a third-party program that keeps track of your sessional stats, displays them in overlay, has it’s own achievement system and even an announcer which says stuff like “Double kill!”.


Other fun stuff to check out

(not necessarily related to PlanetSide 2)
Light Assault’s poem
ASDF Movie series by TomSka
Starcrafts Movie series by Carbot Animations
Madness Combat Series
Bunny Kill Series (this links to a youtube video with all five of the movies, but don’t watch it, check the video description instead, it has links to all episodes on newgrounds)
Broken Quest – hilarious animated series create by a bunch of youtube folk. Recommend to all fantasy and RPG fans.
If you know of any other good resources, feel free to contact me and I’ll gladly add them here.

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