“A returning player, I haven’t played PlanetSide 2 for some time, what has changed in my absence?” – one of the most common questions in PlanetSide 2 community.

On this page I keep track of the most important changes, and I link full changelogs so people can find out for themselves what have they missed.

Thanks to /u/Arklur for sorting this page.




PC Game Hotfix – July 25, 2019 (Midsummer Mentors)

  • Vast expansion of the Mentor system. 
  • Addition of the ‘New Player’ chat channel available to all <BR30s, where they can ask for advice from mentors
  • Ambusher updates are no longer cool-down based, but replenish fuel in the same way as other jump jets. All related suit and implants slots have been updated to reflect this change
  • The Assassin implant has been reworked to remove spots on the player after a long range kill (150m/125m/100m/50m) instead of a chance to remove them.
  • NS-44L Showdown has it’s ADS movement speed increased from 0.25x to 0.5x
  • Advanced Shield Capacitator has been changed once more to reduce shield cooldown delay by 1 second. This does not stack with Survivalist

PC Game Hotfix – June 26, 2019 (Independence Day)

  • NS-03 Thumper receives various updates:
    • Deals full damage on leg shots
    • Several attachments updated to add variety to the weapon:
      • Automatic Trigger: Increases RoF by 20% and minimum CoF by 40%
      • Launch Accelerator now reduces minimum CoF by 20%
      • Lightweight Materials now reduces the movement speed penalty of the weapon whilst aiming down the sights by 50%
    • Default Ammunition changes:
      • Direct Damage from 200 to 250
      • Indirect Maximum Damage from 300 to 350
      • Indirect Minimum damage from 50 to 100 
    • Incendiary Ammo changes:
      • Direct Damage from 200 to 250
      • Indirect Maximum Damage from 100 to 150
      • Indirect Minimum damage from 50 to 100 
      • Burning damage per second from 100 to 50
      • Burning damage duration from 3.5 seconds to 3 seconds
      • Burning effect now stacks
    • Disruptor Ammo changes
      • Direct Damage from 200 to 250
      • Indirect Maximum Damage from 100 to 150
      • Indirect Minimum damage from 50 to 100 
      • Energy Depletion from 10% to 20%
      • Shield Depletion from 50 to 125

PC Game Update – June 26, 2019 (Fight in the Shade)

  • Return of the Summer Event and directive line, which will last until the 31st August
  • Addition of the Maximum Pressure alert, during the period of which all MAX suits are free and the aim is to secure the largest number of kills in a MAX suit
  • Removal of the Gaining Ground and Refine and Refuel alerts
  • Introduction of the NS-03 Thumber, a Heavy Weapon grenade launcher available to all factions. Comes with two grenade types – Disruptor Ammunition which fires EMP grenades, and Incendiary Ammunition, which sets targets on fire for some damage over time
  • Refire time of the Dragoon lowered from 325ms to 300ms
  • Increase in the number of charged shots for the Charger per reload from 5 to 7
  • Mag and ammo capacity buffs for various NC MAX shotguns

PC Game Update – May 30, 2019 (Combat Intensifies)

  • All biolab outposts are now connected via lattice
  • Biolab outposts now have teleporters next to Biolab teleporters. Disabling them will prevent respawns directly into the Biolab
  • Restructuring of both ‘Join Combat’ and Spawning systems

PC Game Update – April 24, 2019 (A New Soldier)

  • Game has been updated from the DX9 rendering engine to the DX11 rendering engine. As a result, higher GPU usage should be expected over CPU usage.
  • New file compression and obfuscation technique used to prevent modification of game data
  • NS Operatives released. 
    • Only available to Members
    • Upon the end of your membership, the NSO character (s) will be locked out until you have Member status once more.
    • NS Operatives will join the faction with the lowest pop numbers upon logging in and switching continents.
    • NSO characters do not have access to any Faction-specific equipment, and as a result are also missing an MBT, a MAX suit and an ESF
    • NSO characters can join outfits for any faction on that server
    • NSO characters cannot access VR Training nor Koltyr for the time being.
    • New Event added – Refine and Refuel:
      • At the start of the event, two Refineries will spawn near the centre of the map and for the duration of the alert, two will always remain on the map.
      • Players are tasked with depositing Cortium in these Refineries
      • When full, Refineries will blast off into orbit with another deploying to take it’s place elsewhere on the map
      • The faction that refines the most Cortium will gain a 20% discount to Sunderers and ANTs.
    • Unstable alerts no longer use the alert system to stabilise – they will do so when continent player count reach certain conditions, and will be checked every 2 minutes.
    • Spawn system revamp – Overall overhaul to the spawn system to provide a detriment for players spawning in at heavy overpops and players hopping across the entire map in a single go.
    • General UI changes:
      • Login screen completely updated
      • Vehicle Loadouts can be picked from the map screen
      • Characters and other models in UI screens have updated lighting to more accurately represent how they look in-game
    • Weapon changes:
      • NSX Amaterasu: Damage buff to 350 damage to 450 for both melee and ranged fire-modes. Damage type change from Small Arms to Melee, preventing the ranged-mode from working on Construction modules etc. Sway also removed, and slight recoil added instead. Blade always fires and does not require the user to hold down the RMB
      • NSX Naginata: Vertical Recoil min and max both decreased by 0.2.
      • NSX Tengu: Hybrid Laser buffed from 20% to 33%, magazine buffed from 20 to 22 and ammunition capacity upped from 140 to 176
      • VE-C Horizon: Damage buffed from 50 to 56, with Capsulate Ammunition increasing from 75 to 84.
      • MG-C1 Kindred: Earns the correct Ribbon
    • Various new Cosmetics added
    • Various bugs added and fixed.

PC Hotfix- March 21th, 2019

  • Nightshade resist type from 40 (Anti-Material Rifle) to 4 (Heavy Machine Gun.)
  • Kill medals and directive contribution for new weapons now being received
  • Various other misc bugs fixed

PC Update (EverQuest 20th Anniversary) – March 20th, 2019

  • There is an Event taking place for the Anniversary of EverQuest. During this event period the event-specific directive features the Fatestealer knife, which later upgrades into the Nightshade dagger, which can damage heavy armour.
  • Release of the newest additions to the Carbine lineups for all three factions – KindredCharger and Horizon.
  • New Weapon for all ESFs: the M202 Wyrm
    • Secondary weapon that fires high power, low-velocity rounds at a low rate of fire. 
  • MBTs and Lightnings:
    • Tank Shell resistance (type 7) from 0 to -50
    • Rear armour from -100 to -50
  • Sunderers
    • Tank Shell resistance (type 7) from 0 to -20
    • While the deployment shield is active, the vehicle no longer receives additional damage to Tank Shell (resist type 7)
  • Harasser
    • Tank Shell resistance (type 7) from -50 to -20
    • Engineers in the rumble seat now repair 50% of their normal repair per second value, instead of 30%.
  • Aiming with the Tank Buster or Vektor for the Liberator will no longer allow you to swivel your turret
  • Tank Buster velocity from 300m/s to 400m/s
  • VLG (Valkyrie)
    • Direct damage from 500 to 575
    • Projectile lifespan from 5 sec. to 3 sec.
    • Max velocity from 125 to 150
    • Heavily modified handling characteristics to provide more controllability
  • Hellion (Valkyrie)
    • Magazine size from 50 to 60
    • Max damage from 167 to 200
  • Walker (Sunderer only)
    • Walker refire rate from 120ms to 100ms
  • Ranger (All Vehicles)
    • Ranger magazine size from 70 to 60
    • Ranger ammo capacity from 800 to 780
  • Liberator
    • Resistance to Walker (type 22) from 75 to 72.5
  • Flanker Armour
    • Flanker Armor now also provides resistance to Infantry Launchers (resist type 34) and A2G Warhead (resist type 23) damage.
    • Percentage at each rank from 5/10/15/20% to 10/15/18/20%.
  • Fire Suppression
    • Healing has been standardized for all ranks of this ability.
    • Non-ESF: Now heals 15% of vehicle’s maximum health over 5 seconds, starting from rank 1. (This now works with health pool increases granted through other effects.)
    • ESF only: Now heals 25% of vehicle’s maximum health over 5 seconds, starting from rank 1. (This now works with health pool increases granted through other effects.)
    • All non-Flash vehicles: Cooldown from 60/55/50/45 to 55/50/47/45 seconds.
    • Flash only: Cooldown from 60/55/50/45 to 30/25/22/20 seconds.
    • Valkyrie, ESF, and Flash only: Fixed a bug where these vehicles would not extinguish a burning state if you were not below 16.66% health when activating the ability.
    • ANT only: Fixed a bug where these vehicles would not extinguish a burning state if you were not below 13% health when activating the ability.
  • Gate Shield Diffusor
    • Activating Gate Shield Diffuser now prevents most types of collision damage.
    • Duration from 8/10/12/14 seconds to 15 seconds at all ranks.
    • Cooldown from 60 seconds at all ranks to 55/50/47/45 seconds.
  • Decoy Flares
    • Cooldown from 40/35/30/25 seconds to 35/30/27/25 seconds.
    • Duration from 5 seconds to 8 seconds.
  • Barrage
    • Particle FX redone.
    • Cooldown reduced by 10 seconds at all ranks.
  • Anti-Vehicle Grenade
    • Inner blast radius from 1m to 1.5m
    • Armor penetration bonus from 50% to 100%.
  • AV Mana Turret
    • Damage resistance type changed from Infantry Rocket Launchers (type 34) to Tank Shell (type 7)
    • Adjusted the explosion visuals to better match the blast radius of the weapon.
  • Hardlight Barrier
    • Tank cannon resistance (type 7) from 0 to -400
    • HMG resistance (type 4) from 68 to 0
    • C4 resistance (type 11) from 0 to -100
    • Tank Mine resistance (type 9) from 0 to -50
    • Infantry Rocket resistance (type 34) from 0 to -50
    • A2G Warhead resistance (type 23) from 0 to -400

Hotfix – January 30th, 2019

  • Right-Clicking on the Vehicle Quick-Spawn on the Redeploy Screen will remove your selection
  • No longer counts disconnected facilities toward completing or granting alert score


Halloween #5 – October 11th, 2018

  • During Aerial Anomalies event, a second anomaly will spawn shortly before the previous one despawns, creating a slight overlap.
  • Unstable Meltdown – a low population variant of normal Meltdown Alert, triggers when there are fewer than 150 players on the continent and one of the faction captures 41% of the territory. Lasts for 45 minutes and has less territory available.
  • Players can now leave or rejoin voice channels using /leavechannel or /joinchannel commands.
  • Comfort Grip now also reduces Unequip Time. Hip Fire CoF penalty reduced from 30% to 20%.
  • New Meltdown Alert loot reward weapon: NS-AM8 Shortbow
  • Platoon leaders once again have access to Leaders chat.
  • Flash Wraith Cloak nerds: now there is a 5 second delay before you can recloak. Total energy pool has been increased by 33%, but the cloak now has an activation cost of 25% of max energy pool.
  • New ES Flash Weapons: M4-F Pillager, LA7 Buzzard and V30-F Starfall.
  • Valkyrie: small arms resistance (type 2) from 75 to 90.

Hotfix – August 23rd, 2018

  • Mostly fixes for squads and implants.
  • ISO-4 Recycler DBC cost increased to 249.
  • Spawn Beacon now available to all squad members (?).

Fireteam Update – August 16th, 2018

  • Unstable Warpgates will remain unstable for 3 hours at most before stabilizing.
  • Stable Warpgates will take ~3 hours to charge for a Meltdown Alert.
  • Meltdown Alerts now increase experience gain by 25% for the duration of the alert.
  • Gaining Ground – new event where factions fight for Large Outposts across the continent.
  • Mentor Squads added. Many other QOL changes related to squads and platoons.
  • Added a Directive for Construction System.
  • Added a ton of new implants and changed a few old ones. Now it’s possible to craft specific implants with ISO-4. Exceptional duplicates now breakdown into 500 ISO-4. Recyclers no longer grant common implants.
  • Changed Tank Cannons and Flak Armor. Now some tank cannons can OHK through full Flak on a direct hit. HESH no longer OHKs with just splash damage, even without Flak.
  • HS/NV (IRNV) weapon optics no longer have sway.
  • Suppressor velocity penalty changed to -15% across the board. Suppressors no longer reduce max damage range. Hybrid Suppressors now have 20% velocity penalty.
  • SPA and HVA now change velocity by 10%.
  • T2 Striker max range reduced to 445m.
  • NSX Fujin now has default capacity of 2, and Bandoleer provides 2x more per rank.
  • Players can now set faction map territory colors independently from facility object colors in the Interface Settings.
  • Facility alerts should now always provide some reward, even in the case of a draw.
    Continent faction balance requirement from 6% to 10%.

4th of July Patch – June 28th, 2018

  • Added a new Summer Directive. Completing 3rd tier of this directive will award players with a new faction-specific weapon for the Flash: M4-F PillagerLA7 Buzzard and V30-F StarfallThese weapons will become available to purchase through other means at a later date.
  • Routers and Elysium Spawn Tubes now award bonus experience to the owner for player spawns.
  • MAX now has new directive objective: Damage to Vehicles.

Hotfix – June 19th, 2018

  • Players of all factions now receive an audio notification when an Orbital Strike is inbound.
  • Healing from multiple Nanite Healing Grenades no longer stacks.
  • Restoration Kit now heals a flat 70 health per second over time.
  • Reviving while Carapace is equipped will not give you more than 500 health.
  • Not conveyed in the patch notes, but Carapace also doesn’t restore any health when resupplying. Possibly not intentional.

Construction Revamp and Events – June 12th, 2018

  • Continental Events added. They can randomly trigger once the Warpgates are stabilized. Events are basically Alerts that don’t result in a continent lock, but still provide personal rewards and – potentially – persistent faction-wide benefits.
    • Aerial Anomaly: a series of anomalies will spawn in the continent’s air space. Being near an anomaly in an aircraft earns points for your faction. Aircraft Nanite cost is removed for the duration of the event.
    • Facility Control: factions fight over control of the facilities of one type, such as Biolabs, Amp Stations and Tech Plants.
    • Events last for 30 minutes.
  • Meltdown Alert Changes. Once warpgates stabilize, they begin charging for a few hours. Once warpagates are charged, any faction can trigger a Meltdown Alert by capturing 41% of the territory. At the end of the Alert, whichever faction holds the most territory will win the alert and lock the continent. Meltdown lasts for 90 minutes.
  • Ikanam Lattice Changes: now players have to capture Ikanam Bio Lab in order to proceed through lattice.
  • Construction System Revamp:
    • HIVEs are removed.
    • Cortium costs are reduced by 50% to 70%.
    • Now all modules can be placed near each other, except for modules of the same type – they have a 25m exclusion radius.
    • Repair Module no longer makes walls invulnerable.
    • All structures without a powered Silo nearby will decay rapidly.
    • Silos now slowly drain Cortium even when not powering anything else.
    • You can no longer completely lock out other players from using your Silo, but you can set a reserve of 20 000 Cortium.
    • Walls and other “hard” construction objects take 30% friendly fire damage. “Soft” objects no longer take friendly fire.
    • ANT’s mining weapons can now be used to deal intense damage to enemy construction objects.
    • Structure Shield Module can now be interacted with to make nearby large structures invulnerable to damage for a short time.
    • Vehicle Gate Shield no longer requires a Structure Shield Module to function, but now it drains Cortium. Vehicle Gate Shield no longer allows small arms fire to pass through.
    • Skywall Shield Emitter now EMPs infantry instead of burning it. Vehicles passing through the shield take more damage.
    • New constructible objects:
      • Flail Artillery Battery. Functions similarly to Glaive IPC, and fires barrages of 4 anti vehicle shells on locations marked by a dart.
      • Routing Spire. Provides access to a Router deployable devices, which can be placed anywhere to provide a spawn location for all allied players who die or redeploy within 100m of it.
      • Pain Spire – deals mild damage over time to enemy infantry and MAX units within 15m.
      • Spires share an exclusion radius and are vulnerable to small arms fire.
    • Orbital Strike can now be called on targets inside no-build zones, including normal bases.
      • Players indoors will receive knockback and collision damage, but not direct damage from strike itself.
      • Maximum charge now achieved in 15 minutes instead of 60.
      • Orbital Strike cannot be fired if silo is drained.
      • Orbital Strike Upling produces a large explosion if destroyed.
    • Constructible Air Pads now resupply air vehicles. Both vehicle pads can be locked from use, and will adhere to Silo’s Cortium Reserve rules.
    • Vehicles pulled from constructible pads do not cost any nanites.
  • Squad Beacons now appear in leader’s loadout only when there are at least 2 squad members.
  • /squad promoteme command now works outside of Alpha Squad and has a keybind in settings.
  • Implant Screen received a UI rework.
  • Motion Blur can once again be properly enabled in Graphics Settings, if your Graphical Settings are High or Ultra.
  • Vehicles now have proper ability cooldown timers.
  • Restoration kits no longer stack with Medics’ Nano Regen Device.
  • C4 now has a 0.5 second delay between click and detonation.
  • Blackhand max damage range extended from 8m to 20m..
  • New Battle Rifles: MG-HBR1 Dragoon, MGR-M1 Bishop and VE-LR Obelisk.
  • Buffs to classic Battle Rifles and “long range” Semi Auto Sniper Rifles; both are made more spammable.
  • Carapace now properly works with Regeneration implant.
  • Prowler‘s Anchor Mode has been refunded and made baseline. Now it provides a 50% velocity bonus, and nothing else.
    • Barrage – new utility slot ability for Prowler, which temporarily increases Reload Speed by 30%.
  • Buffs to Gatekeeper, Aphelion, Vulcan, Enforcer. Mjolnir velocity nerfed from 250 to 200 m/s.
  • Vehicles now have a 30 second cooldown between pulls.
  • Total number of purchasable character slots has been increased from 4 to 6, so now you can have up to 12 characters in total (3 default + 3 unlocked if your purchase membership at least once).

ASP Game Update – April 5th, 2018

  • Added Advanced Specialization Program.
  • Many changes to sidearms, mostly buffs.
  • Laid down groundwork for “Events” – any event that’s not a Meltdown Alert.
  • Players now able to create a squad without inviting other players. Spawn Beacons are disabled for squads of 1.
  • Added Reserve Hardlight Barrier for Engineers.
  • Reduced Flak Damage to Liberator, Galaxy and Valkyrie. That includes damage from HA’s rocket launchers.
  • Liberator Bottom Armor reduced from 50% to 20%.

St. Patrick’s Game Update – March 12th, 2018

  • Unstable continents now have a 120 player stabilization threshold, up from 96.
  • In addition, instead of bordering the continent, there will lanes leading to its center. 
  • Paradise Camo has been added as a rare reward for alert wins with at least 90% participation on the continent of Hossin.
  • Promise and Maw recoil buffs.
  • Tank Mines will now only detonate on MAX units after their 4 second arming time.
  • Added interface filters for selecting a weapon, as well as options to automatically ignore outfit and squad invites, as well as whispers and friend requests. 
  • Removed prongs from constructible ramps.

Unstable Game Update – February 8th, 2018

  • Unstable Warpgates system added: newly opened continents will go into “unstable” mode for two hours or until population of 96 players is reached. While a continent is unstable, HIVEs cannot be placed, Meltdown Alert cannot be triggered, and many regions become disconnected from the lattice system and cannot be captured. You can still move through those regions, and base terminals can be hacked.
  • Koltyr repurposed into a VR continent open to all players. XP gain and friendly fire are disabled, and all equipment is available for free. Only Flash, Sunderer and Lightning are available. Each faction can have up to 33 people on Koltyr at the same time, but there can be two instances of Koltyr per server.
  • Add three vehicle-capturable bases to Indar and Esamir, and two to Amerish. There are no no-construction zones around these bases.
  • Multiple adjustments to lattice connections.
  • Three new LMGs: MG-H1 Watchman, MGR-L1 Promise and VE-H Maw.
  • ES SMG balancing:
    • Canis’ Unstable Ammunition no longer has a Hip Fire CoF penalty. Base RoF increased from 500 to 550.
    • Jackal: velocity increased from 350 to 400 m/s. BX Adapter no longer reduces ammo pool (still reduces magazine capacity), and it cannot be used with Hybrid Suppressor.
    • Gladius: magazine size from 28 to 26. Ammo pool from 168 to 182.
  • Galaxy:
    • New defensive slot: Lockon Jamming Field – passively protects nearby allied aircraft from lockon attempts (but not the Galaxy itself).
    • Nanite Proximity Repair: increased range from 50m to 75m.
    • Vehicle Ammo Dispenser range standardized for ground and air vehicles, up to 100m at max rank.
  • Liberator’s Afterburner moved into Passive Systems.
  • Reduced Harasser’s resistance to tank rounds.
  • Headshots will now display a headshot damage indicator.
  • MAX units may now flip vehicle capture points.
  • Implants on the death screen now show their proper rank.
  • Tank Mine responsiveness fix.


Hotfix – December 13th, 2017

  • Canis’ Unstable Ammunition projectile size nerfs, headshot damage multiplier reduced from 2x to 1.2x.
  • ESF, Liberator, Galaxy – Vehicle Stealth cert line will no longer completely counteract Engagement Radar, instead it will reduce detection range by 100 / 200 / 300 / 400m.
    • Valkyrie – 150 / 250 / 350 / 450m.
  • Liberator and Galaxy – reduced the on-fire vertical thrust penalty so that these vehicles have a better shot at landing the vehicle while on fire.
  • Continued balancing to some of the vehicle weapons.
  • Phylactery Implant added to implant drop table.

Auraxmas Game Update – December 7th, 2017

  • New ES SMGsMG-S1 Jackal, MGR-S1 Gladius, VE-S Canis
  • Added a new weapon to Alert Reward loot table (NS-357 IA?)
  • Added Exceptional II directive.

Hotfix – Novemeber 22nd, 2017

  • Quick Deploy should no longer disable due to overpop unless there are more than 12 allies in the region.
  • ANT Reinforced Armor now properly states its health bonus.
  • Safeguard’s old melee damage resistance has been removed.

5th Anniversary Update – November 20th, 2017

  • Promocode for decal: 5YearsPS2
  • You can now deploy into VR Training without using Warpgate Terminal.
  • Quick Deploy (from the death screen) will now disable if there is more than 60% allied population in the region.
  • Capture Points that cannot be captured are shown on the HUD and minimap with padlocks over them.
  • Region population is now displayed on an expanded minimap.
  • You can click on usernames in the most recent line of chat TOOK ONLY FIVE YEARS SHEESH.
  • It’s no longer possible to deploy a Sunderer inside a no-deploy are of an allied base.
  • You can deploy on a squad beacon from any range.
  • Three new implants: Assassin, Overdrive, Logistics Specialist.
  • Liberator:
    • Dalton damage from 1000 to 1500.
    • Zephyr damage and handling buffs.
    • Duster CoF and CoF Bloom buffs.
    • Tankbuster damage from 175 to 250.
  • ESF Resistance 23 (Air to Ground Warhead) from -140 to -75
  • ESF Resist type 28 (AP Chaingun) from 75 to 65
  • Gatekeeper Max CoF buffs.
  • Mjolnir direct damage from 80 to 100.
  • Spear Phalanx Turret: Direct damage from 500 to 600, Inner blast damage from 250 to 300.
  • AV MANA Turret (Engineer) changed Damage Resist Type from 23 (Air to Ground Warhead) to 34 (Infantry Rocket Launcher).
  • It’s now possible to spawn in a vehicle with Squad Spawning as long as there a squad member in any seat.
  • Assimilate’s Tier 5 benefit should be fixed. Again.

Halloween Update – October 19th, 2017

  • Reduced thresholds required to activate faction balance queues on a continent (?).
  • ESF Synergy (Engineer) renamed “Aircraft Synergy”. Now stacks with NAR and has two additional ranks, which will make the auto repair affect Libs and Gals.
  • Nanoweave Armor and Kinetic Armor Rank 4 and Rank 5 now also reduce damage by resist type 22 (Walker). Ordnance Armor description fixes.
  • Spiker’s alternate fire now deals light damage to heavily armored targets.
  • NS-45 Pilot and NSX Yumi accuracy buffs.
  • Sunderer Health from 4000 to 5000
  • MBT and Lightning left and right armor from 0 to -15
  • A slew of resistance changes. Flak accuracy nerfs, damage buffs. Rocket Pod direct damage nerfs.

Hotfix – October 5th, 2017

  • Meltdown alert duration from 30 minutes to 45 minutes.
  • New continents will now unlock when global population reaches 800 players, up from 600 players.
  • All flak-based explosives are being standardized to 5 meter inner blast radius, and 8 meter outer blast radius.

Combined Arms Initiative and Critical Mass Update – September 29th, 2017

  • Free promotional code for all PS2 players: PS2WelcomeBack. It grants a platinum NSX Tanto and a platinum NS helmet. Redeem it now!
  • Continent Locking is now achieved via the new Critical Mass alert system.
    • A faction that has refined enough Cortium with HIVEs and captures 41% of territory, will trigger a Critical Mass alert.
    • If that faction controls at least 36% territory by the time the Alert ends, it will lock the continent. Alert lasts 30 minutes. 
    • Players receive rewards for participating in the alert. Rewards scale with how long the player has participated. 
    • If a faction that triggered the alert wins, its players receive up to 300 ISO-4 and a loot box, that contains a random boosts or cosmetic item, including unique cosmetics that cannot be purchased through marketplace.
    • If a faction that didn’t trigger the alert wins, its players receive up to 100 ISO-4.
    • If a faction loses, its players receive up to 50 ISO-4.
  • Continents now have more strict population balancing mechanics. The population of the most populated faction now must be within 6% of the least populated faction. Not mentioned in the patchnotes, but mentioned in the livestream.
  • Significant balancing changes to vast majority of vehicle and anti vehicle weapons. Not listing most of the changes here to save space. Read patchnotes.
  • Tanks now have the same armor for top, sides and front, and take precisely double damage from bottom and rear. 
  • Nanoweave Armor now provides same 20% damage resistance at all ranks. Higher ranks add more damage types for Nanoweave to resist.
  • Similar changes to Flak Armor, Kinetic Armor and MAX FLAK Armor, which has been renamed to Ordnance Armor.
  • New semi auto sniper rifle: NSX Daimyo. It has weak body shots, but it’s still capable of one hit kill on a headshot.
  • New Light Assault ability: Ambusher Jump Jets. On a short cooldown, it gives a strong burst of upwards and forward acceleration.
  • New Engineer grenade: Nano-Repair Grenade. When thrown, it will repair 50 health per second to all repairable targets in an area for 12 seconds. Sticks to vehicles and generators. Only one grenade can be active at the same time.
  • Resistance and Armor interactions have been streamlined and simplified. Now you should be able to directly compare damage of different weapons on the loadout screen.
  • Liberator now has 50% bottom armor, like Valkyrie. All liberator noseguns can now freelook while aiming down sights.
  • A vehicle can now be repaired from only one rumble seat at a time. Valkyrie’s repair rate from rumble seat has been doubled.
  • Throwing and triggering C4 is now more smooth and responsive. Damage reduced to 1250 @ 2.5m 10 @ 5m (source).
  • Archer now deals a small amount of splash damage if the projectile has traveled more than 25m.
  • ES AI secondary weapons – Marauder, Canister and PPA – can now damage armored vehicles. Now Kobalt is the only secondary weapon incapable of damaging armored targets.
  • Vanguard Shield Renamed to Forward Vanguard Shield. Instead of adding an additional health pool upon activation, the shield will now decrease the damage from top and front by 67%, and from the sides by 34% for a short time.
  • The ANT’s C-Barrier ability, instead of eating Cortium each time it receives damage, will now provide a 20% damage resistance while the ability is active.
  • Composite Armor now provides 10% to 30% bonus health, depending on vehicle.
  • Tank Side / Front / Top armors have been removed and refunded. Now they are joined together in Flanker Armor, which reduces damage from C4. MBTs with Flanker Armor will not be destroyed by two C4 bricks. Lightnings will be destroyed, but only if both bricks are close enough.
  • Light Assault’s Flight Suit now has a stronger effect, but costs more.
  • Players now receive experience for damaging ground vehicles.
  • Safe Fall rank 5’s collision damage resistance increased from 20% to 50%.
  • VS Proximity Mine velocity from 10 to 5 (now in line with NC’s Bouncing Betty.)
  • Tank cannon tracers are now more visible and faction colored.
  • Increased visibility of smoke screen particles on lower settings.
  • Resist Shield damage reduction changed to 35% from 40% (not mentioned in the patch notes).

Game Update – July 26th, 2017

  • It’s now possible to lock 3 continents at the same time, depending on server population.
  • Second continent opens when there is more than 600 players online.
  • Many changes to Indar’s lattice and bases to address common pain points.
  • New sidearm: NS-45 Pilot.
  • New line of “Mayhem” Directives: score kills with Ravenous and Heatwave cosmetic variants of common weapons to unlock NS-45 Brass, a cosmetic version of NS-45 Pilot.
  • Changes to recharge mechanics of personal shields:
    • Shield Recharge Delay reduced from 10 to 6 seconds.
    • For Engineers, reduced from 8 to 4 seconds.
    • It takes 6 seconds to regenerate full shields, up from 4 seconds.
    • Advanced Shield Capacitor reworked. Now it reduces the time it takes to regenerate shields by 2 to 3 seconds, depending on rank.
    • Previous time to full shields: 14 seconds (10 seconds with ASC).
    • New time to full shields: 12 seconds (9 seconds with ASC). 
  • Infravision Implant should be more usable now.
  • Assimilate 5 Implant benefit fixed.
  • Light Assault Jet Pack exhaust flames now change positions depending on cosmetic armor.
  • C4 should now better follow vehicles when attached to them.

Hotfix – July 12th, 2017

  • Some implants’ fixes and buffs.
  • Vehicle IR Smoke renamed to Smoke Screen. Now it spreads its effects on allied vehicles within 30m, and also temporarily removes vehicle’s autospot minimap signature.

Hotfix – June 30th, 2017

  • NSX Tengu received fixes to hip fire and Hybrid Laser attachment.
  • Hunter QCX Crossbow now has access to Smoke Bolts.

Hotfix – June 14th, 2017

  • NSX Tengu buffs.
  • Nightmare Implant no longer procs from teamkills.

Game Update – June 8th, 2017

Game Update – May 11th, 2017

  • Players can now recycle ISO-4 into implants. 
  • Players now receive small implant bundles for completing early directives.

Game Update – April 20th, 2017

  • New Assault Rifle: NSX Yumi
  • Infiltrators can now resupply from Ammo Packs and Ammo Printer while cloaked
  • Hotfix 27th April, 2017: Yumi buffs

Orbital Strike Release – March 30th, 2017

  • It is now possible to call in Orbital Strikes via Construction System.
  • Implant System overhaul.
  • New Engineer deployable: Hardlight Barrier – a chest-high cover.
  • Construction System Bunkers now have an Infantry Terminal.
  • New animations for wielded knives.
  • TRAP-M1 2x burst buffs.
  • C4 can now be deconstructed by Engineer’s Repair Tool.

Game Update – Feb 2nd, 2017

  • New weapon: NSX Tanto carbine
  • Reduced Minimum Damage for most of ARs and LMGs
  • Some changes to most auraxium weapons
    • GODSAW now has a secondary mode which deals minor damage to vehicles
  • Adjustments to vehicle third person camera to increase visibility
  • Buffs to Valkyrie’s Pelter Rocket Pods and added them to Galaxy wing mounts
  • Added Hyena Rocket Pods to Galaxy’s top mount
  • Galaxy Bulldog damage nerfs
  • Fury splash damage nerfs
  • Adjusted Pitch Down Limits to “create small pockets of infantry vulnerability close to the vehicle”.
  • Engineer’s personal shields have reduced recharging delay of 8 seconds.

Game Update – January 12th, 2017

  • Infiltrators now have access to Battle Rifles.
  • Claymores now have an activation time of 320ms.
  • Shotgun revamp – less damage per shot, more range
  • Phaseshift rework
  • Heavy Weapons buffs
  • Anti-Vehicle MANA Turret max range reduced from 450m to 300m
  • Base Flak turrets max range reduced to 450m
  • Vehicle Thermal Optics Renamed into Threat Detection Optics
  • No longer highlights infantry
  • Now highlights projectiles and some NPCs
  • Ground-vehicle thermal range from 150 to 350
  • Aircraft thermal range from 350 to 500
  • Sunderer Deployment Shield maximum health from 2000 to 2500.
  • ESF Hornet Missiles damage nerfs


Game Update – December 22nd, 2016

  • Fujin nanite cost reduced to 25, headshot multiplier increased to 2.2x
  • Minor Rocklet Rifle changes
  • Renamed Instat Action into Join Combat

Game Update – December 12th, 2016

  • New rocket launcher: NSX Masamune
  • NSX Directives Tier 3 reward: Fujin, a throwing knife, used in grenade slot.
  • New LA Tool: Rocklet Rifle.
  • Amaterasu knife damage increased to 350.

Game Update – December 1st, 2016

  • NSX Tomoe and auto scout rifles buffs.
  • Med and Resto kits automatically equip primary weapon after using. This forces a 0.5 sec cooldown for them.
  • Elysium Spawn Tubes can now be damaged by grenades and bullets.
  • All Tech Plant upper platforms no longer harbor Anti-Vehicle Turrets.
  • Has been removed and certs have been refunded
  • MAX Charge ability has been replaced by Emergency Repair: activate to repair 20% of a MAX’s health over 12 seconds.
  • Hipfire minimum cone of fire while airborne now uses the same minimum hipfire cone of fire as a player who is walking. For the Serpent VE92, VX6-7, LC2 Lynx, LC3 Jaguar, GD-7F, and AF-4A Bandit, these values are slightly larger.
  • Hip Fire CoF bloom buffs for many carbines. Lynx bloom buffs.

Game Update – November 18th, 2016

  • New Scout Rifle: NSX Tomoe
  • New Melee Weapon: NSX Amaterasu
  • Reduced recoil recovery delay for semi auto scout rifles, semi auto sniper rifles and battle rifles.
  • Some LMG changes.
  • Stalker Cloaking recharge rate buffs.
  • New models for some pistols. New FX for Resist shield.

Game Update – October 23rd, 2016

  • Added BattleEye anti-cheat system.
  • Continent Lock bonuses now persist until the continent is locked by another faction
  • Players may now summon and spawn directly into a vehicle on uncontested bases
  • from the redeploy screen, using its 1st loadout.
  • Construction System purchases with Daybreak Cash are now account-wide. DBC refunded where appropriate.
  • Bypassing construction object Cortium costs will now require certifications, instead of Daybreak Cash.
  • New Construction Objects: air and vehicle terminals, pillbox, vehicle gate, Glaive IPC artillery, alarm module, vehicle ammo dispenser, respawn tube.
  • New LMG: NS Naginata
  • New infantry armor sets
  • Valkyrie Squad Logistics certification is now baseline, certs refunded.
  • Valkyrie turret can now swivel 360 degrees.
  • ES Secondary vehicle weapon changes, C75 Viper changes: now has less recoil, but added CoF bloom. G40 Ranger damage buffs.
  • Motion spotter nerfs.
  • EMP grenade cost 25 -> 75 nanites.
  • Standard Flash Grenade now has 3 second fuse timer and increases enemy minimum CoF by 20%.
  • Added Quick-Det Flash Grenade with 1.5 second fuse timer which doesn’t affect enemy CoF.
  • A few weapon changes, notably Cyclone nerfs and TRAP buffs.
  • Bounties may now be purchased for certifications, as well as Daybreak Cash
  • Sound effects have been added for when players mount and dismount vehicles

Game Update – September 7th, 2016

  • All ranks of the repair tool are now able to deconstruct enemy tank mines.
  • All ranks of the medical applicator now revives soldiers at 100% health (does not apply to MAX units)
  • Minor class ability adjustments to: Combat Medic, Light Assault, Infiltrator
  • Basic Training directive kills should no longer update in VR
  • Added an improved camo selector
  • The ANT mineral radar is now a passive system
  • Removed distortion effects from shields on constructed objects
  • Structure Shield Module changes
  • Added a light to the top of the Cortium Solo that correlates to its power meter
  • Now a faction needs 20 Victory Points (up from 15) to capture a continent, but  all faction will now start the map with 5-6 Victory Points.
  • A minor tracking delay has been reintroduced to G2A and G2G lock-on launchers.
  • Updated spot callout VO for the Flash, Liberator, and Valkyrie to make use of more specific VO lines.
  • Added Starter Loadouts that unlock a few necessary attachments for starter weapons and a fully certed suit slot (different per class).
  • New class-specific suit slots: Chameleon Module (Infiltrator), Flight Suit (Light Assault), Nano-Regen Capacitor (Combat Medic)
  • New utility item – Auxiliary Shield, unlocked and equipped by default by all classes. Passively increases Shield Health by 50.
  • To maintain appropriate lethality, some weapons have had their damage increased:
    • Power Knives activated damage from 1000 to 1050.
    • Titan-150 HE and Supernova VPC indirect max damage from 1000 to 1050.
    • Proximity Mine and Bouncing Betty indirect max damage from 1000 to 1050.
    • Blackhand min damage from 250 to 275.
  • Melee weapon buffs, especially in wielded mode
  • LC2 Lynx’ forward grip now properly reduces horizontal recoil by 25%
  • Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle buffs: Recoil Decrease from 6 to 10, added a new Rail Attachment: Ballistic Computer, which removes scope sway from all scopes.
  • Removed scope sway on non-sniper rifle 6x scopes 
  • Further Air to Air Tuning
  • Vehicle Weapons: All 1.25x zooms unlocked and equipped by default.
  • The Flash ATV can now unlock a Gate Shield Diffusor.
  • Engineers piloting ESFs will enable health regeneration on the vehicle equivalent to rank 1 nanite auto repair system but with a 12 second damage delay. This does not stack with the nanite auto repair item.
  • ESF Nanite Auto Repair: Regen Delay lowered to 8 seconds down from 12.

Air-to-Air Balance Pass – July 7th, 2016

  • Multiple changes to aircraft weapons and systems. Among other things:
    • Engagement Radar is now default for all ESF at max rank, certs refunded
    • New versions of Afterburners: Quick-Recharge and High-Capacity
    • Coyotes no longer affected by stealth
    • A2A missiles have changed their primary role to hunting “big game”: libs and gals
  • New Construction Items: Reinforcements Module, Infantry Tower, Low Profile AV Turret, Faction Banner, Vehicle Ramp, Blast Wall.
  • Players can no longer place VP Chassis while they have an active HIVE in world.
  • Two roof entrances added to the Sunderer Garage
  • Hardened structures like walls and bunkers will now take no damage while under the influence of an active repair mod
  • Underbarrel Smoke Launchers now use a shorter duration smoke effect.
  • NS-61 Emissary had some changes in damage / recoil stats.
  • Decoy Grenade is back
  • Optics attachments have been added to all empire specific pistols.
  • Flash is now able to equip Gate Shield Diffuser
  • Added Vehicle gunner sensitivity setting
  • Revival timer on deployment screen, showing progress bar and time value now
  • Equipment terminal optimizations: should open and process 100-150% faster
  • Fixed an error where some Forward Grips would incorrectly increase the number of horizontal “kicks” in one direction.
  • Fixed AI mines doing damage through walls
  • Fix for long standing Tank Mine rendering issues (hopefully)
  • Fix for the issue where other players could appear dead, but still be running around and shooting.
  • Fix for the bug where the tracer is not visible and no audio plays when the constructed AI controlled turret is firing

Update – June 1st, 2016

  • Players fighting within a 150m radius of an active HIVE will receive a 20% XP bonus.
  • New Victory objectives:
    • Faction has seven active Hives up at the same time: +3 VP permanently.
    • Faction has the majority of active HIVEs: +2 VP, only while the objective criteria is met.
  • To prevent a faction from hogging all cores and not using them, Inactive cores now have a placement timer on them. If the timer reaches zero before a valid chassis is provided by players, the core will become neutral and be awarded to the faction with the oldest existing valid chassis.
  • Construction structures and turrets are now much more vulnerable to all types of damage while in the process of building.
  • Silo/Turret permissions do not reset when the owner logs out.
  • Reduced gravity on Slug Ammunition from 11.5 to 8. Fixed a bug where VS slugs were not using “the correct 300m/s projectile velocity”. A bit hard to tell what this change means, because some shotguns aren’t supposed to have 300 m/s velocity.
  • High Velocity Ammunition now increases minimum damage range by 20m for all weapons, increases projectile velocity by 5%, decreases maximum damage range by 2m. No longer increases vertical recoil.
  • Default velocity on some weapons has been adjusted.
  • Unarmed Flash ATVs may now free look 360 degrees.
  • Flak will no longer blind pilots hit by it in first person.
  • Auto AA turrets now attack drop pods that drop from above them

Update – May 12, 2016

  • Silos and turrets can now be individually locked by the owner using the Q menu.
  • Structure Shield Modules will now give active HIVEs a bubble shield for additional protection.
  • Empty HIVE chassis should now be more difficult to destroy.
  • Crystals within range of Mineral Radar are now visible on map/minimap
  • Friendly deployed Sunderers are now displayed on the mini-map with a unique icon
  • The tutorial has been re-enabled for new characters.
  • The cap on ammo resupply experience has been increased substantially.
  • Experience caps related to the Bounty system have been removed.
  • “Check your fire!” quick chat menu callout has been replaced with “I need a gunner!”
  • The EM6, Pulsar LSW, and TMG-50 have received new models.
  • GODSAW’s projectile velocity while aiming down sights is now properly 670m/s.
  • You can now see which continents have a queue while in the world terminal.
  • Utility Pouch replaced by two new cert lines: Mine Carrier and Demolitions Pouch
  • (Wasn’t in patchnotes) Spitfires now have a cert line to allow engineers to carry up to 4 spitfires with them.

Construction System Hotfix – May 3, 2016

  • Some nerfs to automated player-constructed AI turrets
  • Changes to HIVE damage resists
  • Changes to friendly fire on player-constructed objects.

Construction System – April 27, 2016

  • Construction system release
  • Indar Revamp
  • New MAX weapon: NS Gorgon
  • Squad browser now shows squad’s cohesion level
  • Map drawing now available for personal use
  • Hold Ctrl to click through map drawn objects
  • Deployable status indication on the HUD
  • Green IFF on main weapon reticles
  • HUD loadout UI polish and update: equipment slots with timers on them ( e.g. squad beacon ) now persist on the HUD until the timer is complete.

Sidearm Update – March 2, 2016

  • New sidearm: NS-61 Emissary
  • Added map drawing
  • Added new centralized HUD mode (from PS4)
  • Buffs to: T4 AMP, Mag Scatter, Inquisitor, Hunter QCX.


January Update – Jan 14th 2016

  • Maximum Battle Rank increased to 120
  • Leadership improvements:
    • Squad/Platoon leaders can subdivide their squad into Fire Teams
    • Players can be right clicked on thwe minimap for some squad interactions
    • Increased distance for spawning into squad vehicles from 600 meters to 1000 meters.
    • Reduced cooldowns for offensive/defensive markers from 5 minutes to 2:30 minutes.
    • New button to invite all outfit members to squad/platoon.
    • New button that allows a squad leader to remove their squad from a platoon.
    • All squad members will show within 2500m.
    • Depending on your position in squad hierarchy, different squad members will also edge clamp.
    • Waypoints can now be removed individually without removing all other waypoints.
  • Increased reward on Bounty System:
    • Bounty Hunter Award XP has been increased from 100 to 250xp per kill.
    • Payback Award XP has been increased from 100 to 400 per kill.
  • Heavy Shield Changes:
    • NMG and Adrenaline: total hit points reduced to 450, upkeep cost reduced, regeneration rate increased.
    • Resist Shield: damage reduction reduced to 40%, active duration increased by 50%.
  • MR11 Gatekeeper nerfs: velocity decreased, drop increased.
  • Battle Rifles: recoil reduced, maximum damage range increased to 15m, added UBGL and UBSGL, reload speed reduced.
  • Auraxium Battle Rifles: similar buffs + vertical recoil reduced, velocity increased.
  • Flash Grenade Fuse timer to 1.5 sec from 3 sec.
  • Medical Applicator Revive range standardized to 6 meters at all ranks.
  • Flash Suppressor no longer increases CoF bloom, and instead increases minimap detection range by 15m.
  • Lightning tanks may now unlock Engagement Radar (autospots nearby enemy aircraft, shows direction to them if they are off screen, incredibly useful for Skyguards).
  • Players can now safely drop from a Valkyrie by default.
  • Fix that should make damage from C4 attached to a moving vehicle much more reliable.
  • Fixing erratic blinking of centralized HUD ammo/ability bars when at warning levels.


Hotfix – Nov 19th 2015

  • Added secondary boost slot.

Hotfix – Nov 12th 2015

  • Alerts now require at least 30 population on two factions in a zone to start.
  • Alerts can now start on multiple continents at once.
  • Increased Alert rate, Alerts should fire off 45-90 minutes after last alert ended.
  • Linking both warpgates simultaneously no long caps the continent, but instead grants 3 victory points (in addition to the 2 victory points you get for linking the individual warpgates).
  • Indar now only requires 8 victory points to lock.

Game Update – Oct 29th 2015

  • LMG changes – removed 75% ADS from Orion and SVA-88. Buffs to many LMGs across the board.
  • Victory Points – now it’s possible to conquer a continent by accumulating victory points, which are granted for objectives, outlayed at the top of the map.
  • Hossin ownership now doesn’t provide a cost decrease to MAXes, and instead provides repairs to vehicles at ammo towers and supply pads.
  • AMP station ownership now significantly increases the amount of time base turrets can fire for, and makes them repair automatically over time.
  • Biolab ownership now restores health faster. This effect overrides regeneration implants of lower tiers.
  • Bounty Hunter directive, awards NS-15M variant.
  • Certification screen is back.

Game Update 36 – Sep 4th 2015

  • New AV secondary weapons for MBTs and Harassers: M96 Mjolnir, MR11 Gatekeeper and Aphelion VEX-4.
  • NEW NS Lock-on Rocket Launcher: NS R3 Swarm – can lock to ground and air vehicles and has a 3 rocket magazine. Can switch between two fire modes to change rocket velocity and tracking. Fast rockets move quickly, but are not quick to change direction. This allows them to be outmaneuvered, but not outrun. Slow rockets have decreased velocity, but are better at following a target. That means they cannot be outmaneuvered, but rather must be outrun.
  • Changes to capture mechanics of large outposts; now it’s possible for the 3rd faction to come and steal the capture progress.
  • Cut off regions no longer contribute towards territorial control percentage required to capture the continent; this also applies to alert victories.
  • HEAT and HE tank cannons’ velocity has been increased to match the AP. Striker accuracy buffs.
  • Player-shield-not-regeneration-bug speculative fix.
  • Sensor shield 4 bug fix: now works within 20 meters of a motion sensor.

July Update – July 23rd 2015

  • You can now spawn on a spawn beacon within 1000m (was 600m), and from any range if majority of the squad members are near the beacon.
  • Valkyrie biffs: it now takes less damage from small arms, bottom armor increased to 50%, increased weapon thermal range from 50m to 200m.
  • Sunderer Cloak – added 5th certification level for Sunderer Stealth. When equipped and Sunderer is deployed, it generates a cloaking bubble that cloaks the Sunderer and all friendly infantry within the bubble.
  • Infiltrator Cloaking now has five stages, from least visible to most visible: crouching, crouch moving, standing, standing moving, sprinting.
  • Buffs to Striker’s projectile speed, acceleration and damage. Vehicle stealth no longer prevents rockets from seeking.
  • Burst Carbines and Assault Rifles changes: significantly reduced first shot recoil modifier, but increased recoil per shot and hip fire CoFs. Reduction in horizontal recoil in some cases.

June Update – June 17th 2015

  • PlanetSide 2 now require a 64 bit Windows.
  • New Weapon for Engineer: NS-AM7 Archer anti-materiel rifle.
  • Sunderer Blockade Armor now provides the same resistance from the rear as on other sides.
  • Infantry render distance changes: players who damage you and players using long-range loadouts are more likely to render for you even at long range, as far as 600m.
  • Tank Mines will now detonate on MAX units.
  • TR MAX Lockdown now takes 2 seconds to deploy and 1 second to undeploy.
  • Spawn Rule Changes:
    • You can spawn on a spawn beacon only within 600m of it.
    • If the squad’s vehicle is located within enemy territory or friendly contested (being capped) territory, you can spawn on it only when within 600m of it. If the vehicle is in friendly uncontested territory, you can spawn on it from any range.
    • Spawn on squad will now take you to the closest available spawn point in the region that has the most amount of squad members (this doesn’t include spawn beacons).
    • Instant Action rules have been simplified: it now spawns you at nearest available spawnpoint (this includes Sunderers and base spawns) at any fight where your faction’s population is within 20% of the enemy’s population.
  • Tank Mine LOD range increased by 25 meters to 70.
  • Updated TR reticule sizes to be smaller across the board.
  • Ejection bug fix.
  • Knife damage is now correctly resisted by Resist Shield.

May Update – May 19th 2015

  • Membership now isn’t tiered, and always provides auraxium-level benefits.
  • Added Intra-Facility Missions – small objectives within a base, like “overload that generator” or “capture this point”.
  • Enforcer and Canister variants now have a continous reload mechanic: ammo will be reloaded one round at a time and the weapon can be fired during the reload process.
  • New Galaxy Defensive Slot Items: Vehicle Ammo Dispenser and Nanite Proximity Repair System.
  • Players now receive 100 certs for each battle rank from 1 to 15 to help get their characters rolling.
  • Depot Pricing Changes: certs cost up, DBC cost down, except for NS weapons, where they are increased.
  • Vehicle Optics zoom variants can now be purchased independently.

Arpil Update – April 11th 2015

  • Added NS-44L Blackhand sniper revolver sidearm.
  • Flight controls revamped to work better with gamepads.
  • MAX wepapon model updates.
  • Smoke grenade buffs for low settings.

Wings of Icarus – February 25th 2015

  • Added Icarus Jets. Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light!
  • Drifter Jets will now provide a small amount of vertical lift when no directional keys are being pressed.
  • EMP now destroys ALL deployables, overheats MANA turrets, and drains ability energy of ALL classes.
  • Engi Ammo Packs can now be destroyed by weapons fire and EMP.
  • Nano Armor Cloak will no longer shimmer when shot.
  • MAX Ability Tuning: the Zealot Overdrive Engine, Aegis Shield and MAX lockdown are receiving some adjustments:
    • Sticky and anti-vehicle grenades will no longer stick to a MAX unit that has their Aegis shield active.
    • Time required to lockdown is being reduced from 2 seconds to 1 second.
    • ZOE damage at extreme close range is being increased while damage will decrease over range more rapidly and eventually become lower than normal.
      • For anti-personnel weapons, Zealot overdrive now increases the damage of the weapon to require ones less bullet to drop an infantry at 10 meters, but sometime after 15 to 20 meters, damage is reduced.
  • MAX AV: Fracture, Raven, Vortex tuning so they have similar effective range.
  • Reduced the range where Sunderers are auto detected on the mini-map when deployed. Instead of using the default 100 meters, they will appear at 15 meters. Having any rank of stealth equipped will remove it from the mini-map when deployed unless spotted.
  • Some tweaks to Butcher and GODSAW Auraxium LMGs.
  • VS Directive weapons which use heat mechanics are no longer able to be manually reloaded to reset heat. Heat capacities increased to give them 3-5 more shots from empty.


December update – Melee overhaul and Sptifires – December 18th 2014

  • Melee overhaul
    • Knives can now be wielded by holding “melee” button or via Gear Slot 8. Wielded knives have higher swing speed.
    • One new knife per faction. New knives can be “activated” when wielded by pressing “switch fire modes”. Activated knives emit sound effects and OHK on a body hit. They swing slower, especially when quick-knifed.
    • Knife hit detection has been adjusted to be more precise. Knives can now get head shots with 1.5x multiplier and will play impact effects on the surface they hit.
  • Spitfire Turrets – new engineer ability. Engineer can construct a Spitfire Auto-Turret that will automatically engage hostile infantry within 50 meters. Only one turret per engineer per resupply. Emits sound effects to warn about its presence, can be destroyed by small arms fire.
  • Customizable Profile Banners
    • Profile banners are now available to customize your Profile and Death Screen. Set your banner in My Profile Menu. Banners can be obtained from the Utilities section of the Depot or from completing Expert and Master level weapons directives.

  • New tiers for following implants (Tier 4 implants have an energy cost of 1.25 per tick): Hold Breath 4, Clear Vision 1,2 and 4, Emp Shield 1,2 and 4, Sensor Shield 2, Regeneration 4, Safe Landing 4, EOD Hud 4, Battle Hardened 2-4.

  • Balance changes: Banshee nerfs, Vulcan buffs, Spiker +2 magazine size, reflex sights for Commissioner and Underboss, Vanu default camo nerfs / changes to base interior color to easier make out Vanu infantry.
  • Ability to Ban Players From Squads/Platoons, Ability to Hide Certain HUD Elements (goodbye implant drop popup).

“September” QoL update – Halloween Event – October 2nd 2014

  • Halloween Event. Special directives, awards, etc.
  • Scopes have been updated. Now the red dot and other crosshair options are always at the center of the screen. Goodbye this issue.
  • Flash improvements:
    • The rumble seat on the Flash now faces forward and its passenger can rotate 360 degrees.
    • Flash handling has received an overhaul. It should now be much harder to flip and lose traction less often.
  • XP improvements
    • Capturing a control point will now grant 4 ticks of 100 xp each during the capture, plus a bonus 25 for controlling the point for a total of 425 xp for a full point capture.
    • Guarding a friendly control point at a contested facility will grant 50 xp every 20 seconds.
    • Kills while in capture range of the capture point will now award a bonus of 100 xp.
  • EMP, Flash, and Concussion grenades now award assist experience if the target is killed by another player while under the effect of your grenade. Ribbons for them are now based on these assists instead of kills.
  • Destroying a vehicle will now count as a kill for all weapon medals and most directives. Vehicle doesn’t have to be occupied.
  • Spawn kills are now worth 0 xp across the board and in later patches will be made to not provide kill credit towards directives and medals.
  • Cloaking Improvements – fixed multiple bugs, cloaked objects will now look the same across all graphics settings.
  • The T2 Striker (and variants) can now be dumbfired and is no longer able to lock-on to targets. While in flight, the rockets will automatically lock-on to hostile aircraft if they pass by within range.
  • T9 CARV’s horizontal recoil reduced to .21375 (down from .225).
  • Membership now always provides 50% bonus XP. The cert cap has been raised for members to 50,000.
  • Non-Members will no longer gain certs while offline.
  • The S-AMS certification for the Sunderer is now auto-granted, making it available to all players by default. Points spent on it before this change have been refunded.
  • Squad Deploy no longer spawns players on the squad beacon.
  • HUD Icon for Counter Intelligence Implant has been made more visible.
  • Stealth change: increased screen shake from nearby explosion. Unclear if intended.

Hotfix: bugs, hit detection, performance – Setpember 16th 2014

Valkyrie Update – August 29th 2014

  • New NS vehicle: Valkyrie
  • Squad/platoon leadership ribbons added
  • Adversarial alerts from previous patch reverted to old alert timer-based system
  • Some balancing changes to auraxium weapons: The Executive, The President, The Immortal, Eclipse VE3A and others.
  • All Auraxiam weapons now default to iron sights (6x scopes for sniper rifles) and have optics available for purchase.
  • Sunderer Deployment shield now has an attachment visual and associated particle effects.
  • Players will now be notified when the sunderer that they last spawned at has been damaged or destroyed.
  • Players are again invulnerable inside the Warp Gates.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Collision: When crouching next to any type of collision you cannot stand up till you move away from it
    • Blast damage will now hit VR zone targets.
    • C4 no longer sticks to infantry
    • Fixed an issue where Directive counts would reset.

Directives and Resource Revamp – August 5th 2014

  • Added Directives (PS2’s version of Achievement system). Refer to the official guide. As a part of Directives, auraxium weapons were added:
  • 1 new SMG per faction, 1 pistol per faction, 1 assault rifle per faction, etc. Full information here. These prestige weapons are similar to what we already have, but can only be acquired by completing directives. They have unique looks and unique, predetermined and unmodifiable attachment set.
  • Three new empire-specific pistols: T5 AMP, NC08 Mag Scatter, Spiker
  • Here are in-game stats for all (wieldable by LA) new weapons in this patch.
  • Resource revamp. Now instead of 3 resource types, you only have one – nanites. You can no longer stockpile items, and you pay resource cost when you deploy/resupply with your loadout.
  • Added a quick-deploy option. Now straight from the death screen you can spawn on your last spawn. If it’s not available, you’ll be spawned on closest spawn point.
  • Outfit Recruitment system improvements.
  • All Alerts have been replaced by Adversarial Alerts, which trigger when a faction controls 75% of the territory on a continent. If that faction manages to keep 75% by the end of the alert, or capture 85% territory, faction locks that continent. If the defenders manage to push back that faction to 65% territory, alert ends and defenders are considered victorious, but continent isn’t locked. Draw otherwise.
  • Couple of new ribbons.
  • Massive nerfs to tanks’ anti-infantry capabilities.
  • Nerf to rocket primary: now a rocket from dumbfire launcher can’t OHK with splash damage alone, and players with Flak Armor 5 can survive a direct hit by any rocket launcher.
  • Removed canopies on most spawn rooms, now it’s easier to fire on aircraft from inside the spawnroom.

Attachments for SC patch – July 1 2014

  • All infantry and MAX weapon attachments are now purchasable with Station Cash. Any attachment purchased with station cash will be unlocked account wide (for that particular weapon, I assume).
  • Advanced forward grip/laser sight attachments have been condensed down into a single attachment unlock that costs 200 certs. All certification points that have been spent on these attachments have been refunded.
  • Added 2x Optic to all appropriate weapons that were missing it.

Changelog is missing here!!

Hossin, continent locking and outfit imprevements patch – June 26 2014

  • New continent: Hossin
  • Continent Locking
  • Outfits Recruiting
  • Outfit Decals
  • Outfit Base Capture

Liberator nerf and Quality of Life patch – June 19 2014

  • Liberator armor and weapon nerfs.
  • Tank primary turrets are now stabilized. Their elevation will not move with chassis elevation changes, unless it hits the upper or lower constraint.
  • NS Baron shotgun reload speed increased, ADS Stand Move CoF reduced from 0.9 to 0.7, interrupting reload to fire is now faster.
  • Added an option to turn down bloom. PS2 has some horrible integrated AA, and now we can finally turn it off.
  • Engineers can now equip the ammunition package directly by pressing the ability key (default: F). Ammunition package is no longer equipped in the utility slot and is no longer an alternate fire mode on the ACE Tool. The thrown ammunition package is now a physics object and can be thrown anywhere.
  • The Medic tool now uses right click to revive and left click to heal.
  • Soldiers who place explosives will now get an assist xp award if they are detonated by someone else and the explosion kills an enemy. Assist XP from explosive kills = exact same xp as a full kill.
  • Sunderer owners now get 5xp per player who spawns on their deployed Sunderer. Increased from 2xp.
  • Flash kills are now worth 100xp. Increased from 25xp.
  • Added spotting voice callouts for spotting both deployed enemy Sunderers and enemy spawn beacons.
  • Adjusted lag compensation to improve overall responsiveness.
  • Increased collision size of placed Spawn Beacons so that they’re easier to shoot and hit with explosives.
  • Various bug fixes.

Bugfix and Quality of Life patch – June 6 2014

Implants, medic update and new shotgun – May 20 2014

  • Added implants
  • New shotgun: NS Baron G5
  • You will now hear a special hit sound when you hit a target with nanoweave with bullets, or a target with flak with explosives. Not mentioned in the official patchnotes.
  • Medic update:
  • Three new ARs
  • New ability that deploys a shield regeneration device
  • Access to Battle Rifles and Adrenaline Pump

Second 64 Bit Client Fail – April 16 2014

  • Second failure to implement 64 bit client
  • New carbines: AF-4A Bandit, HC1 Cougar, Zenith VX-5
  • LC2 Lynx revamped into a lower damage tier with higher RoF and better handling
  • Unintentionally falling short distances will no longer apply jump penalties or force a weapon out of iron sights.
  • Knife damage has been reduced from 625 to 500. The previous damage value was compensating for the old Nanoweave functionality where players could have up to 1250 health and is too high now that players cap out at 1000 health (not counting abilities).
  • TRAC-5 Burst now has 42 rounds in a magazine, so that the burst count matches up.
  • Lots of marginal changes to weapons

64 Bit Client Fail – April 2 2014

  • Failure to implement 64 bit client
  • Instant Action will now deploy in predetermined zones around bases on Indar and Esamir (Amerish was already done earlier).

Mission System (Phase 1) – March 27 2014

  • You will now always have an automatically generated mission to attack or defend this or that facility.
  • Lowered the respawn time after redeploy from 15 to 5 seconds.

Balance Pass – March 20 2014

  • High Velocity Ammo buffs. HVA’s effect on Minimum Damage Range and Projectile Velocity now depends on the weapon, but it’s approximately now has 80% stronger effect on carbines and 40% on other weapons.
  • Fixed a bug where velocity ammo sometimes did not increase projectile speed on carbines.
  • Suppressor buffs. Reduced penalty to the minimum damage range when a suppressor is equipped on all primary weapons except SMGs. Suppressor’s downsides are also less apparent now on NC LA8 Rebel and VS Cerberus.
  • Head hit box increased slightly so that it better matches the larger helmets.
  • Adjustments to arm hit boxes so that they’re less likely to block the head during certain animations.
  • The pool for assist XP is now equal to the kill value. Ex. a 500 point Magrider that you do 50% damage to will award 250 points.
  • Bugfix: Light Assault Jump Jets will once again continue to function after using the Phoenix Rocket Launcher.

Liberator Update – March 13 2014

  • New deathscreen with deathmap – you can now see the direction from which you were killed, and you can see the enemy if he was spotted when he killed you.
  • You get more XP for assists dependings on the amount of damage you’ve done to the target.
  • Can purchase scopes for SC (don’t do it).
  • New liberator weapons.

Infiltrator Update (Part 1) – Feb 27 2014

  • Player corpses now have a 30 second decay timer. If the dead player is not revived before this timer then their corpse will be removed from the world and that player is no longer reviveable.
  • Successful revives now have a player facing 10 second accept/decline timer. If this timer reaches zero then the revive is declined and that player’s corpse is removed from the world.
  • Added occasional, contextual, automatic voice callouts (“reloading”, “frag out”). Only allies can hear those.
  • Camo consolidation – you now purchase camo once, and then you can apply it separately to weapons, armor and vehicles.
  • New Infiltrator weapons: NC Railjack, VS Phaseshift, TR TRAP-M1, NS Vandal.

Amerish Revamp – Feb 21 2014

  • Hunter QCX damage model adjustments: from 650 @ 30m – 500 @ 50m to 650 @ 35m – 500 @ 60m.
  • Now it’s a consistent 2 shot kill against full nanoweave targets for up to 40 meters.
  • Explosive bolt damage adjustments: from X @ 20 – Y @ 40m to X @ 30 – Y @ 50m.
  • This makes explosive bolts a consistent 8 shots to kill against stock MAX units for up to 40 meters.
  • Amerish Revamp.

Infiltrator Update (Part 1) – Feb 13 2014

  • New sidearm: Hunter QCX Quad-Cam Crossbow.
  • New SMG: MKV Suppressed.
  • New toys for Infiltrator: Stalker Cloak, Motion Spotter, access to (useless) Adrenaline Pump.
  • Infiltrator’s EMG Grenades now destroy deployed C4, mines, Motion Spotters, Detect Darts and Spawn Beacons.
  • Cloaked Infiltrators are MUCH harder to see now.
  • Flashlight attachment is renamed into Darklight Flashlight (ugh) and will now illuminate cloaked enemy Infiltrators.

ESF Update Patch 3 – Feb 5 2014

ESF Update Patch 2 – Jan 30 2014

  • Players can now spawn in Galaxies and Sunderers that are occupied and owned by a squad member.
  • he Sunderer AMS no longer requires an item to be equipped in order to function. Once the certification is purchased, it is always available. This frees up the Utility slot on the Sunderer for other items.

ESF Update Patch 1 – Jan 2 2014

ESF Update – Jan 16 2014

  • Players can no longer ADS during jumping of jetting.


PU2 (performance update, OMFG part 2) – Dec 17 2013

    Huge balance improvements, as well as redefining some old features like:

  • VS slugs now have bullet drop.
  • Laser sight / Advanced laser sights no longer increase jumping/jetting hip fire accuracy.
  • Mines are no longer highlighted by HS/NV scope.
  • Nanoweave now reduces incoming small arms and rapid fire vehicle weapons fire by a percentage instead of granting bonus health, and headshots are not affected by nanoweave in any way.
  • UBGL nerfs, now it’s less effective as a quick draw weapon.
  • Jaguar and Lynx nerfs in order to emphasize their 0.75x speed multiplier advantage; both guns are less accurate now.
  • C4 nerfs (again), Cerberus, Eridani SX-5, Rebel and ACX-11 buffed, as well as all burst-series and precision carbines.
  • All carbines received a slight nerf to damage at range: the minimum damage range has been reduced by 5m, for example:
    • Pre-PU2 TRAC 5: 143 @ 10m – 112 @ 65m
    • Post-PU2 TRAC 5: 143 @ 10m – 112 @ 60m
  • CQC carbines that had a stronger damage drop off, remain at previous values. GD-7F, for example, is not affected by this nerf and remains at 143 @ 10m – 100 @ 60m damage model.
  • A lot of changes to weapons, they are mentioned in weapons’ descriptions.

PU1 (performance update, OMFG part 1) – Nov 12 2013

  • Interface overhaul, performance improvements.


  • Fixed drifter jets that were broken in GU13. Added one more rank for Grenade Bandoleer and adjusted cert cost.
  • Reworked vehicle stealth, now this upgrade removes the vehicle from minimap only at final level, instead of the first one, so vehicles will be easier to detect now, because a lot of players would purchase vehicle stealth rank 1 and enjoy being invisible on minimap until explicitly spotted. Same effect can be achieved now, but with a LOT of certs.


  • New weapons: LA3 Desperado, TS2 Inquisitor, Cerberus and NS-7 PDW.
  • Mines and turrets can be spotted now. Massive AOE buff for anti-infantry mines. Other suit slots have been buffed to make nanoweave a less obvious choice. New sounds for VS weapons.


    Apart from quality of life improvements, bug fixes and various UI tweaks there are no major changes.

Changelog is missing here!!

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