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Weapons and Mechanics

  • ADS – aim down sights. You hold your right mouse button to do that.
  • ADAD – not an abbreviation. ADAD refers to A and D strafing buttons on the keyboard. “To ADAD” is to move erratically to left and right in the firefight to make yourself a harder target.
  • AoE – area of effect. Refers to any effect applied over an area instead of to a single point. Frag Grenade does AOE damage, for example. Synonym for the splash damage.
  • AV, AI – anti-vehicle and anti-infantry.
  • AP – armor piercing (cannon) or anti personnel (mine).
  • AMR – anti-materiel rifle, NS-AM7 Archer. Do not confuse with AMR-66, the TR Battle Rifle.
  • BASR – bolt-action sniper rifle.
  • SASR –  semi-automatic sniper rifle (or semi-automatic scout rifle). Infiltrator-only weapons. Don’t confuse with SAS-R, short range NC BASR.
  • CoF – Cone of Fire – when you shoot, bullets are randomly distributed within the circle, called Cone of Fire.
  • DPM – damage per magazine, equals to damage per shot, multiplied by magazine’s size. Also damage per minute.
  • DPS – damage per second, equals to damage per shot, multiplied by rate of fire and divided by 60 (seconds in a minute)
  • ESRL – empire-specific rocket launcher for heavy assault: Striker, Phoenix and Lancer.
  • ESSR – empire-specific sniper rifle for infiltrator: TRAP-M1, Railjack and Phaseshift.
  • (tank and Liberator cannons)
    HESH – high-explosive squash head – anti infantry cannon with strong splash damage
    HE – same as HESH.
    HEAT – high explosive anti tank – jack of all trades 
    AP – armor piercing – anti vehicle cannon with almost no splash damage
  • LS / ALS – Laser Sight / Advanced Laser Sight weapon attachments that increase hip fire accuracy.
  • OHK – one-hit-kill – act of killing a player with a single high-damage shot.
  • TTK – Time-to-Kill – how long will it take for a gun to kill a player.
  • Proxy, Proxie – VS Proximity Mine
  • RoF – rate of fire, in shots per minute.
  • RPM – rounds per minute, same thing as RoF.
  • UBGL – underbarrel grenade launcher – a weapon attachment, available to some of the weapons.


  • AMS, S-AMS – a deployed Sunderer, used as a spawn and resupply point for infantry.
  • ESF – Empire-Specific Fighter, air superiority and close air support jet: Scythe, Mosquito and Reaver.
  • NAR – Nanite Auto Repair System – a defense slot, that repairs vehicles and MAXes out of combat.
  • MBT – Main Battle Tank – empire-specific two-seat tank: Prowler, Vanguard and Magrider.
  • Gal drop – using a Galaxy (transport aircraft) to deploy infantry wherever needed.
  • Pull (verb, “to pull”) – to spawn, to get. E.g., “somebody pull a Sunderer” means “somebody go to a vehicle terminal and spawn a Sunderer”. 

Character and Items

  • Adrenoweave – a HA loadout that includes Adrenaline Shield and Nanoweave Armor.
  • XP – Experience Points – granted for in-game activities. Each 250XP grants 1 cert.
  • Cert – Certification Point – an in-game currency, used to unlock weapons and upgrades.
  • DB, DBC – Daybreak Cash – an in-game currency, used to purchase weapons and cosmetics.
  • SC – Station Cash – old name for Daybreak Cash. 
  • Directives – PlanetSide 2’s version of achievements.
  • Nanites – personal PS2 resource, used to spawn vehicles and use consumables. 
  • LA – Light Assult, infantry class.
  • HA – heavy assault, infantry class.
  • NAC – Nano Armor Cloaking, Infiltrator ability.
  • NWA – Nanoweave Armor – a suit slot that provides bullet damage reduction on non-headshots.
  • NMG – Nanite Mesh Generator – Heavy Assault ability that creates a second layer of damage absorbing shields.
  • MAX – a hybrid vehicle/infantry class with exosuit of armor and unique weapons.
  • Loadout – a sum of equipment a character takes with himself into combat. There are loadouts for both infantry and vehicles.
  • HSR – headshot rate – a player stat that refers to how many enemies a player kills with a headshot. Only the killing blow counts.
  • SPM – score per minute – a player stat that refers to how much experience a player earns on average each minute. Affected by boosts and membership.
  • Spot – (verb, “to spot”) – you press [Q] by default to spot enemies, vehicles and explosives. Spotted enemies will have a triangle appearing over them, their name, and – if you are close enough – their health. Spotted enemies will also appear on the minimap. Spot lasts 10 seconds.
  • Spawn Beacon, “Bacon” – a deployable beacon that allows squad members to drop pod into action from large distances.
  • ES – empire-specific. A piece of equipment that is available only to one faction, and features unique faction traits.
  • Ghostcapping – act of capturing a base with no defenders. Usually involves standing around doing nothing while capture timer ticks.
  • Ops – outfit ops, operations. Analogue of the “raid” term from MMORPG.
  • Zerg – a huge group of players, e.g. “tank zerg” = “lots of tanks”.
  • Zerging – having a massive numerical advantage over the enemy in a fight.
  • Zergfit – an outfit that is often seen zerging.
  • Double Stack, Banana – base building layouts. 
  • SCU – a generator that powers the spawn room on some of the bases.
  • Forumside – PlanetSide 2 official forums.


  • Battlegoose, Beetlejuice – Betelgeuse 54-A
  • Pingu – NSX Tengu
  • Tiramisu – NSX Amaterasu
  • Damnyou – NSX Daimyo
  • Keklone – AF-4 Cyclone, often regarded as the best SMG and overpowered weapon.
  • Trinity – refers to the trio of “close range” Bolt-Action Sniper Rifles or close range LMGs; both trios are widely regarded by competitive players as most effective weapons for “farming”.
  • Meow-meow – Mjolnir, NC vehicle secondary weapon.
  • Weaboo – wannabe japanese. Usually in reference to NSX weapon names.
  • Wrelfare – equipment provided to all players for free after game’s release, such as quick reload shotguns, allegedly with the influence of Wrel – one of the game developers.
  • Higby – one of the former PS2 developers. Often associated with NC having a ton of shotguns.
  • PS2 profanity filter will replace obscene language with names of mostly former PS2 developers, such as Clegg and Higby.

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