Combined Arms

Not everything in PlanetSide 2 can be accomplished with just infantry, and certainly not with just one infantryman. For example, it’s much easier to destroy enemy vehicles with vehicles of your own.

Lightning tank with AP cannon is an underestimated and underused option, considering the raw damage it can dish out. You can pull a Lightning at any base. It is fast, has a low profile, and can take out a deployed Sunderer from range easily.

Special Tactics

  • Before accepting a revive under fire, press Ctrl + F10 to disable the UI. That way you’ll clearly see what happens around your corpse, and you’ll be able to judge when and if you should accept the revive. Example.
  • Additionally, if you wait for 10 seconds after dying, your shields will start regenerating as soon as you revive, increasing your survivability a bit.
  • You can avoid fall damage by jumping down on sloped surfaces. More detailed explanation with examples.

Hate “cheap” tactics?

Give it a read. It doesn’t apply to PlanetSide 2 fully, since the “win” condition is poorly defined, but it should broaden your horizons a bit.

A proper mind-set

Being calm, focused and lighthearted is important. If you feel all-consuming rage every time you die to the point of breaking your keyboard and punching a wall, then stop playing.

Go relax, drink a cup of tea, whatever. You can go do some physical workout, but don’t try to transfer your rage at the game into doing push-ups with growling and grinding your teeth. 

Do not lash out, do not blow off steam. Psychological studies have shown that letting out the aggression only makes it more likely to come back later. Learn to contain your emotions. 

Might be a good idea to quit for a few days, too.

Don’t stare at your KD. Remember that PlanetSide 2 is a game to play and feel joy. There are no rules and no obligations, nobody can tell you how to play it.

Find something that you love doing, and do it. You’re not obligated to score an auraxium medal for every gun you have, that’s just a goal some of the bored or collector players set for themselves.

You’re not obligated to care about your stats, that’s just a tool used by some players to stroke their ego.

If you’re doing badly at something, try doing something else. 

I like the Korean StarCraft 2 players mindset:

“Defeats are much more important than victories. When I win, I learn nothing. But when I lose, I learn a valuable lesson – I made a mistake somewhere. Now I can analyze what I did wrong and prevent myself from repeating that mistake in the future.”

Watch these two videos: Video 1Video 2. The author talks about losing streaks in League of Legends, but it applies to dying in PlanetSide 2 too.


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