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Featured Content: Squad Point Hold Guide

[BWAE] DefensiveShades shares his wisdom on small squad tactics for pushing through difficult point holds.

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Are You Ready for Something Different?

Are You Ready for Something Different?

I probably wouldn't be back playing if it wasn't for your videos.

CrankyOnion, Reddit

Just started for myself, and I highly recommend it.

Just be sure to push through that steep curve and watch loads of Cyrious videos - seriously - just watching his footage has seriously improved my performance and enjoyment of the game.

TheOneLichemperor, Reddit

This is exactly what I would have said it needed. If you want to hear an opinion from someone who just started playing a week ago, the goals you were creating for the player in your ideas were exactly what I needed to want to get into it more. Rather than just finding a good platoon my 3rd day and deciding to explore your channel.

Sevro The Goblin, Reddit

Oh well, I guess this is as good a time as any!
I'm reinstalling right now, and i'll be busting my friend's balls until they do the same
Thanks for the content by the way. You're my only source for news on this game, and you brought me back to it, so good job!


This is some quality content.


I find this video really relaxing, especially the beginning with Wagner. I mean, I hope I'm not the only one who relaxes to a guy shooting other guys. I'm quite new to the game (I started when they announced Escalation) but I always enjoyed viewing videos about this videogame since long time ago. Seeing your videos is so damn chilling pal.

Dakka Dakka

this is the best beginner tutorial ive found so far. Great job!

Yosuke HishinumaSurviving your First Hour Planetside

You've been a phenomenal resource for a returning Auraxion from the early days of launch. You helped me catch up and get back to battle ready!

Slade Smith

Commander Cyrious, you are the one who got me into Planetside 2. Planetside 2 was one of those games that I always saw in the free to play section of steam and always hesitated downloading it. That was until a couple weeks ago when I randomly came across your Escalation Announcement video. It got me really excited for the future of the game and had me intrigued into what the game currently offered. I began downloading the game while watching your Surviving your first hour time Planetside 2 video. I now have a game that I love and have put many hours into. So thank you for introducing me to this great game. P.S. I love your streams and keep em up!

Michael Curtis

This is quite eye-opening, in all honesty. It's been over two years since I last played ps2 extensively. I've kept up with the game, I've watched your videos. But I always remembered what made me step away in the first place- a variety of reasons that I won't get into now. Not untill now have I felt such a draw to play ps2 again. I watched your video, logged on, and kicked some vanu around. It was an absolute blast, and I am sure to come back for more. I got a feeling I haven't felt for a while. I came back here to thank you for showing me the rebirth of this outstanding title, see you planetside

-yangl, NCCR

YAY started like few days ago, and you helped me so much !
Was in love with the game for so long, but never made THE step.
Vanu Will Enlighten !

Blood AbysS

I've always wanted to try this game, but felt like I missed out on 'the golden age', coming in several years late. This video finally convinced me to do it. Downloading now. Thanks!

Mayday Flowers

I only started playing PS2 three days ago. Your streams and videos are wildly entertaining and I've learned a LOT from watching so far! I'll keep watching and liking (although I'm in the UK so can't always watch live unfortunately). Anyway, thanks dude. Your videos have really enhanced my enjoyment of a game I already thought was awesome from the moment I started playing.


Amazing, you're still uploading??? Most of your videos I've seen are years old...
I only started played PS2 about two weeks ago, thank you for everything man, you've helped me stop going 7 and 30 and to being able to hold my own, you've taught me how to use vehicles, use a Maxx, how to switch squads, build bases, and so much more for my gunplay, thank you again sir, just so you know your help is forever appreciated.

God I Love Rem So Much

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