Premium Membership costs $15 USD per month. You get a discount for subscribing for several months at the same time. 

Premium Membership should be your go-to option if you enjoy PlanetSide 2, but want to get more certs and progress your character faster. It is not necessary to fully enjoy the game, but provides you with a plethora of useful bonuses:

  • 50% bonus to Experience Points and Nanites at all times. 5% bonus XP for your squad members.
    • The full last weekend (friday + saturday + sunday) of each month is a Double XP Event for members.
    • You will receive up to 48 Certs each day just for logging in. That’s ~1400 certs per character per month, if you log in daily.
  • Once a month you can claim 500 Daybreak Cash at the in-game store.
    • 10% discount on all purchases with Daybreak Cash.
    • Access to an additional daily sale item in PlanetSide 2 store. 
    • Access to a special “Members Early Access” page of the store.
  • Priority queue when switching continents.
  • Three extra Loadout Slots – unlocked only while you have membership active.
  • Three extra Character Slots – unlocked permanently if you buy membership once.
  • Free access to Advanced Specialization System. Non-members have to pay 10 000 certs per character.
  • Similar benefits in other Daybreak Games.

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